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  1. Would like to thank everyone who turned up to HEARTBEATUTH EVENT without you we couldn't have done it and also a BIG THANK YOU to Truckermp Staff who also helped out the admins know who they are. We be back again next year for another amazing charity more information will be posted in the coming weeks/Months.

    My Post (47).jpg

  2. Due to a high number of VTC'S we have now added more slots to the event if you like to join in please  

    E-mail details to..... [email protected]

    VTC Name........

    VTC contact name.......

    Discord link........


    Slot Number ......                "Please note 5 is now booked"

    This Event is happening on the 14th of July at 12.00pm BST followed by a 12 hour convoy 


  3. Hi all wondering if someone could help me on the following. For event server do i need 100 or 50 people signed up on ets2c? All the help will be grateful 

    1. Pillow


      Atleast 100. I don't think the developers will open up a server for only 50 people. 

      However, some things have been changed and there's a procedure you need to follow to request a server for your event:




    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      i wasn't sure on numbers that's all everything else it's done / doing 


    3. Positivetrucking168


      You could use EU1 to stage the event if your request for the event to take place on an event server is rejected, not too many players go there so it won't have a major impact on system performance. 

  4. Don't you just love the weekend. How is everyone on this fine Friday afternoon.


    We are the UK's number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research we have already made a big difference to people's lives. But the landscape of heart disease is changing. More people survive a heart attack than ever before, and that combined with an ageing population means more people are now living with heart disease and need our help. As a result of this Alex and Yamyam sat down together and thought how they could give back to charity that's helped them and their families in many ways that wasn't possible. So as a thank you to the British heart foundation we are doing a 12 hour convoy on ETS2 to show support to other's out there their not alone. But we can't do it alone. We Need You. Join our fight for every heartbeat. This event is happening on the 14th of july 2018 Starting Location -- Calais, Sea Port Starting time -- truckfest 12.00pm BST followed by a 12 hour convoy Convoy starting time -- 13.00pm BST https://ets2c.com/view/73889/gamer5-teamehh-cd19-calais-sea-port Find us on facebook for more information. https://www.facebook.com/HeartbeatUnderTheHearts2018/

    1. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      Slots are going fast for the truckfest book in now before there gone 


    2. [WTLVTC-COO] Michael
  6. good morning everyone. How are we today 


  7. A new charity event has been setup for the Heart Foundation here is the discord https://discord.gg/nQUXftF

  8. Hello everyone i'm looking for some help with the following 

     Event managers x3 Event organiser Moderator x2 Event staff Event CC for an event for ETS2 that hopefully be happening in june for the hearts foundation. As in recent weeks this has hit home for me and many out there and would like the help to raise awareness and help those in need. All the help will be great full. https://discord.gg/nQUXftF

  9. i wouldn't follow senka he smells :D


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    2. NoTime4name


      That explains a lot :troll:

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      i don't think i did you smell that bad we pushed you away from are convoys :D


    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  10. A new page has been made called Virtual Trucking Charity Event (VTCE) come and join our FaceBook Page to find our discord and to find out what Events are happening...... visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Virtual-Trucking-Charity-Events

  11. Hi I'm Alexandros I'm a community manager at VTC Charity Events Where we only deal with ETS and ATS events so a new discord has been made called VTC Charity Event You can come and advertise your VTC events or you can join the discord to find out what Events are happening...... discord link https://discord.gg/ectWfUJ 


    how is everyone today


    1. i z m

      i z m

      Great thank you, what about you? ^_^

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      good and yeah i'm okay thank you :)


  13. dont you just hate it when your internet goes down for over a week  

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    2. Rev.


      I can't relate. Sorry. ^_^

    3. Lukas4544 [LTU]

      Lukas4544 [LTU]

      that is fu****** up :D

    4. Hyperspace


      that happened to me, but for 3 days

  14. o it's a cold day today :(

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    2. BigLarge


      Cold=I still Want Summer

      Hot=I want snowy  :troll:

    3. NetyTV


      @BigLarge Yes, same for me :D

    4. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      yeah same here. We never win :P

  15. So today after many months/years being in a VTC i now drive solo MP :unsure:

    1. Rev.


      I only lone wolf. It's better that way.

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      i'm going to find how lone wolf is now. First time for anything 

  16. is it just me that hates the  Doubles and triples rule :angry:

  17. would like to apologise to everyone who went my birthday convoy i couldn't make it as someone crashed into the internet box i have outside my house and only just got it back yesterday i am really sorry once again    

  18. how is everyone today and who the lucky ones who got on the truckersmp team this round :D

    1. Smalley


      Only 2-3 people have made it into the team so far. Am I am doing well thanks for asking :P how about you? 

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      aww really well wish them well in the team and that's good and i'm not to bad thanks 

  19. Hey everyone how are we all doing on this beautiful day 

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    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      good and yeah i'm wonderful thank you :D

    3. DasBergziege


      I'm good, how about you? :)

    4. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      that's good and yeah i'm good thank you :D


  20. so how has everyone been?


    1. [LKWTR.] Leo

      [LKWTR.] Leo

      been good, work, home, tidy, chill, driving, tune, relax :) sorted and budwieser

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      sounds like a good plan 


  21. does anyone know when there slots are open to join the team on here or is it whenever they feel like it?

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    2. DevonGamer22


      it say its hard to be one but it look fun to help wish i can join to help :D i'm really nice but they have to pick who the trust one and i understand that :) but hope your luck come when they pick you some day when ever it open :D 

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      thanks and you two nothing wrong with trying to join though so to all that do try good luck with it :D


    4. DevonGamer22


      your the boss  you do great to help :D 

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