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  1. Suggestion Name: AntiSpam Suggestion Description: A server-side or client-side addon that prevents users from spamming in the chat. Server-Side: Issues automatic kicks escalating to bans when someone is spamming on purpose. Client-side : If user is spamming to much , the client won´t send the text to the server and will be muted for [vartime] seconds escalating as well if the the offence is repeated to often. Why should it be added?: Its needed. I keep finding people spamming the chat multiple times not giving a single damn about people reporting them. Since the server has lack of admins, action against spamming is not taken. This would be a counter measure to spamming. Offtopic: It pisses off players seeying their chat completely full of "swear text" not beying able to do anything about it. Honestly ETS2 Team , i know its hard to find trustworthy admins but you should be a bit more open about recruting more admins. Its a big big server. It needs moderation for a more enjoyable experience.
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