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  1. When you report someone but report is declined with "already banned with same evidence" so you check that evidence and you see that that evidence is from the other driver next to you so you both become 2 brothers of justice. *feels good*

    1. Grundii



      please note that you should open feedback ticket because also if the player is already banned (with same evidence) your report must accepted! @Anriandor

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      He is not making a complaint, @grundi2601 but merely commenting on how cool it is that a player who was right next to him at the time of the incident he reported also had the idea to report the same player and for the same incident.

    3. EG0611


      Jesus Christ @grundi2601 people like you should stop taking everything in status updates as complaint. I am just stating a funny situation you don't have to drag it to "bad admin not doing job kick him from team" or so.

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