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  1. We saw on the previous event that if Haulie Island is opened on a sparsely populated server, there won't be many people, but I logged on every day it was open and that's how it was. I'm convinced that if Haulie Island integrates ALL servers, whether in simulation or arcade, the population on site would be greater than on TruckersMP's 9th anniversary! A simple but effective idea would be to create construction zones (for future events) where players would have to make deliveries to "move the project forward", so that everyone would feel part of TruckersMP
  2. I was able to enjoy the map during TruckersMP's 9th anniversary, which was great, but it would be better if this map were integrated into Server 1 so that it could be accessed much more easily! What's more, you could use the space on this map to set up an exhibition of trucks, trailers and accessories related to the world of ETS2 and TruckersMP!
  3. Totally for it! There is a lack of large spaces for the needs of VTC and convoys.
  4. Thank you for developing your answer, regarding the trip to Haulie Island it is indeed done by ferry from the Europort and the destination is well differentiated. Your idea is rather good on the displacement by fast travel, that can be a possible solution. Concerning the collisions, I think that at such speeds it is better not to activate them, but the choice remains with the administration of TruckersMP. During the event there were no collisions and on the second day the speed was unlimited. (1st day limited to 150Km/h) Hoping that this idea will see the day
  5. As a VTC owner this place would be perfect for recruiting new members, Haulie Island adds a kind of selection, we could see the qualities of driving, reflexes of the drivers. And especially to give a friendly space, each VTC can allocate a day on the circuit in order to establish links between members. Haulie Island is a bit like when you finish a day's work and you want to relax ! And above all, it supports the mappers who created this great event !
  6. I have the impression that since my post the opinions remain positive ! There are obviously a lot of things to work out but it's very encouraging ! If you also support this idea don't hesitate to add a comment, it would help to have several opinions and ways of seeing !
  7. Whether it's on the Arcade or the Simulation show, I'm all for adding Haulie Island
  8. I was thinking of a no-collision zone so that the staff interventions are reduced to voice and text chat. After that it's only a suggestion, the main topic is the addition of Haulie Island I'd like to see anything working as long as this island is accessible
  9. The great advantage is that the island is isolated from the rest of the map, so common sense rules can be applied as in the event, for example since there is no speed limit on the island, it would be a collision free zone. The advantage of this way is that there is no need for moderators to monitor what is going on there
  10. Hello to all, As the title says, I would like the Haulie Island map to be permanently available on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP servers. I think that it can bring only positive things, - A dedicated place for those who want to compete and let off steam - An area of exchange and discussion - large spaces for meetings Moreover I think that if the players use this place well, it will be positive on the rest of the map where people can enjoy the simulation fully and in the rules! I thank you for reading and I hope that many of you will support this idea !
  11. Thank you for the follow! ?

  12. Bonjour à vous, Je viens de voir que le mod été étais disponible (https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/993) ! Au niveau de l'installation rien de bien compliqué mais je me posait juste une simple question. Le mod été est-il compatible avec Promods en solo et en multijoueurs sur TruckerMP ? Je vous remercie d'avance !
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