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  1. That moment when you find someone breaking the rules 11 times on purpose, leave the game to finally report the guy as all in game reports were not noticed - and your recording didn't work.


    *sigh*.... ;D

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      choo choo :) , how are  you mate :D

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      Surviving! Yourself?

  3. ^ That's not an easy solution sadly. And people ignore it. Admins do write in chat quite regularly for people not to go there. The only people that do are the ones choosing to ignore or not noticing that their GPS is taking them that way as they aren't reading the road signs.
  4. If using Steam - ensure your Microphone is set correctly in the Steam settings. This had solved the issue for me in the past. Also ensure you set microphone as "Default Communication Device" and not just default device.
  5. @SingingTurnip @NRGgamer97 EU1 cannot have cars unless you are admin. You will be kicked if you try to join with a car. Go to EU2 or SP and go back in a truck to rejoin EU1.
  6. I disagree. A kick is enough for someone to think twice. If they think and continue, then a ban. Likewise, if the wrong person is kicked - it's not too bad. But if the wrong person is banned, that's their game ruined for 2 hours while they get a ban appeal sorted. Which has happened in a past where the wrong person was banned. Kick first. Followed by 2 hour ban. Followed by a day ban. etc... In my opinion. Obviously, it's the admins discretion on how to deal with each individual. Likewise while I'm on this - there really needs to be a way for you to dispute a kick/ban in game with the person that did it. If I get kicked/banned I should be able to respond to it. If it's a mistake, I can tell them and they can re-think. I shouldn't have go give evidence that I did nothing wrong later on, on the website that will be looked at later on in life when the issue has already been and gone. And if that's used to give abuse to the admin - ban doubled :P. Admins do good work. But are human too and mistakes can happen. But be nice to actually have a way to avoid these mistakes hurting the gameplay longterm.
  7. Look - it was inevitable that trolls would return when the cars arrive. Same thing happened when EU2 first had no limit. It'll die down, people will get bored and people will get banned. If you see someone trolling or driving dangerously, report them and crack on. Chances are, they will continue to do that and will be seen once you've reported them - then will be kicked. If they continue... banned. It's all well and good moaning about it, but spare a thought for people who enjoy the aspect of the car in the game and don't troll. Just because you see people trolling, doesn't mean everyone is and things need to change. It just means they need to bugger off! Besides - it's a simulation game. And how you decide to play is up to you. Likewise, it's up to me how I play. If I want to drive the car to somewhere then switch to get a job I should be able to. There's already some rules in place, banning me from EP which is fine. And on that - No one in a car likes being stuck behind a truck. If a truck is doing 140kph I should be able to overtake, safely and where safe to do so. Admins are doing their best to remove the ******. Give them a break and help them instead of moaning about it. Once the ****** are gone, it'll all be grand. You have ****** in every game. This is no different.
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