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  1. Why not just apologise there and then, when it happens? If someone crashes into me and apologise, I won't be mad at them. If they don't apologise then they will continue to be deemed an a**e...
  2. I've raised this before, calling someone an "idiot" isn't a ban or kick offence. Yes, it's a slight insult - but if someone is doing something idiotic then calling them an idiot isn't offensive it's just stating a fact. For example, if someone comes round a corner too fast and crashes - Calling them an idiot isn't bad. If you cuss whilst calling someone an idiot, then I'd understand (f****** idiot, for example). But it should be a warning first (that is logged) and a kick later. There's an issue with the current mod system though, in that admins cannot see what is logged on a users profile in respect of warnings, kicks and bans - whilst they are in game. If there was a way then maybe admins can make better judgements. But each admin can only do what they think is right in respective of the rules. Sometimes, admins can be quite stressed at the amount they're dealing with and can get it wrong or be harsher than they perhaps should be. But raise it and discuss it. Honestly, I see so much cussing, racism and insults thrown around on MP and it's mental. I don't think swearing is an offence personally (it's time people get used to it... we all do it regardless), but insulting someone using offensive terms, is.
  3. That moment when you find someone breaking the rules 11 times on purpose, leave the game to finally report the guy as all in game reports were not noticed - and your recording didn't work.


    *sigh*.... ;D

  4. The only time I ever abandon is when playing in ProMods. This mostly happens if I go through an area with a port that isn't part of the default map, WOT doesn't see it and keeps syncing back to the last port I was at so I can never continue :(. Never an TMP have I abandoned.
  5. Disagree. External Contracts on MP are great. If you drive correctly and in the correct lanes. It also teaches you to be a bit more cautious of other players :-)
  6. That's the badger! I was close ;-) Sorry @MrHarv :P But continue the great work (and the rest of you!)
  7. DanBennett


    FPS is higher if you are facing *away* from the causes of the FPS lag. So if you are facing a garage or pickup point, you can't see the other trucks so less damage to FPS.
  8. I don't see why driving outside the map is an *issue* per se. But I also think that there's no need to be doing that in a multiplayer game. Out of bounds is out of bounds, end of. I don't agree that kicking/banning is fair unless they are known to be a repeat offender. Just move them to the repair station and warn them for it. (There's too much kicking going on. e.g. if someone is in a road and are kicked. They will just spawn in the road again and cause another issue)
  9. DanBennett


    You can't stop people's stupidity. The IGA's do all they can in Europoort but they can't watch it 24/7. People need to learn that if there is a queue of traffic, to just wait patiently and not try to push in as that makes it worse. Because that just angers everyone else causing more issue.
  10. There was a MrHaze or something (I forget and too lazy to double check) driving around Rotterdam the other day looking for issues and sorting them, but also giving people a chance to get out of their blocking situation instead of just kicking right away. And was happy to look into reports and when I gave information on someone AFK blocking an entrance would happily sort it. Was very nice to see instead of just kicking everyone only for them to spawn back in the same place. So kudos to that person!!
  11. More cars? Nah. No need. More customisation maybe but meh. Think the biggest thing for multiplayer is getting the syncing and FPS sorted, which I know is a difficult job. But I think those may top anything else. Other improvements: Sorting the players list by ID number or Distance (closest first) so it's easier to find people ... Which I think was/is already a suggestion
  12. This is a great shame. Some say Independence day, I say Doomsday. On the up side, it looks like this may help with a United Ireland... And I'm very much looking to move to Ireland in the next 2 years. I'm not staying in England. I've been wanting to leave for a long time (ironically) and this has tipped me. I love the EU. Sure, it has some things that need changed - but most our problems are not to do with the EU. The biggest complaint has been Migration. >55% of our migration is from outside the EU. So it's our Gov't that's failed. A sad day.
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