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  1. S p a r k i e

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    41 I think? Im kinda giving up on it though. Alot more of the recent things that have been happening around me have been so minor that it really isn't worth taking my time to create reports.
  2. S p a r k i e

    Trade Connections Germany awards

    You should find your rewards at https://www.worldoftrucks.com
  3. S p a r k i e

    Why wouldn't SCS want to work with TruckersMP?

    SCS just isn't really interested in working with TruckersMP, from what information I can gather They would rather work on their own work than help someone with a mod. Also, SCS has hinted a couple times in live streams that they may have their own official multiplayer, but that would be far in the future. Also, I don't feel that TruckersMP had caused much change in how many sales SCS had gotten from ETS2, maybe up to about 10-15% increase for a little while. Especially after looking at the amount of players on ETS2 right now: (https://steamcharts.com/app/227300)
  4. S p a r k i e

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    3 days is pretty good considering the amount of feedback and stuff the staff have to do. Anything more than 15 days would be bad, though.
  5. S p a r k i e

    How to Make a Special Trailer Skin?

    https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/55062-forerunner/&status=108211&type=status This type of save editing does not work any more. The only things that can be added like this is accessories.
  6. S p a r k i e

    ETS2mp crashes at loading screen

    You cannot be using mods on TMP, using a profile with a mod on it such as Promods, and attempting to connect to MP, will most likely make your game crash. You need to have a profile without any mods to play TMP. If you already do use a seperate profile for MP with no mods, try right clicking ETS2 in Steam, go to Properties, Local Files, and click verify integrity of game files. Also, try restarting your computer.
  7. I will drive with mostly 4x2. The only time I really drive with anything more is if im pulling a heavy cargo trailer.
  8. S p a r k i e

    Paintscheme for Vovlo

    Not all DLC is currently working in-game. You will have to wait a little while to make sure the DLC is working. Also, make sure you check for DLC on your account at https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings#dlc
  9. S p a r k i e

    Future of ETS.

    DirectX 11, major updates to the physics engine, new trucks, new map expansions, SCS is nowhere near being done And once they get all of those things done, we are still waiting for many of their projects (Ex. http://blog.scssoft.com/2013/02/a-coach-bus.html, http://blog.scssoft.com/2013/03/stuff-we-are-working-on-too.html)
  10. S p a r k i e

    Flying person

    It looks like they had set the g_suspension_stiffness to a value above 1 (which causes the trucks to go flying). So I wouldn't necessarily say it is hacking (it's still a possibility), but it still is against the rules because of the rule stated just above ^ Of course, that means they can turn it on or off as quickly as they want.
  11. S p a r k i e

    [WINNERS] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    Congrats to everyone that won, I gave my copy of the DLC to @Forz0214
  12. S p a r k i e

    Problem in Driving

    I don't see any issues here, 1.33 was updated with some new physics. You are also driving in rain, meaning grip will be reduced. You can use "g_set_weather 0 f" in console to stop rain The front wheels can now actually lose grip around corners, which is what happens when you try to turn at too high of a speed.
  13. S p a r k i e

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    SCS doesn't try to recreate exact intersections unless they have some sort of tourist attraction there, or if its an EXTREMELY popular intersection But those pictures look REALLY similar to me, despite SCS not creating the roads exactly the same (and of course ets2 is way more saturated in color) Also, with intersections in real life coming into video games, only so much can be done because AI have to be able to navigate these, and they have to fit the right sizing and everything for how the SCS representation fits together. These map expansions/updates are created for user experience and drivability, not so much to be the most accurate representation, just to be something similar I am more interested in what is going to happen with ATS though, even with the rescale they did. The states on the west coast of the country are MUCH bigger than the ones on the east coast. We're going to have a state that will only have enough room for a tollbooth, and a truck stop! (Rhode Island). And right next to it, Connecticut, which will maybe fit one city! (Not like there is much interesting here, but that's past the point) But then we'll also hopefully eventually get Canada and Mexico, which would be great!
  14. S p a r k i e

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Promods uses different methods of research to make their maps (google maps/street view), and it doesn't perfectly match because they can only do so much to recreate real life on computers (it's not easy). SCS sends a team of people to places for about a week to research, and they try to rely mostly on what their experiences are. SCS has to handle more than just mapping, remember. They also have to make their models themselves, as well as the textures. Promods uses loads of stuff already made by SCS (models, etc)(but of course they do make some stuff of their own) and the level of testing is usually not as high. (Not to say they don't test it) SCS tests their maps privately, and while that makes it take more time, they tend to have less errors and issues. I know that they aren't truly like that area you live in, but like I said, theres only so much that you can do to recreate real things on a computer.
  15. S p a r k i e

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    They only have limited time to go and discover these places, you can't expect everything to be absolutely perfect. If you want a perfect simulation, then this probably isn't the best simulator for you (unless you go into singleplayer with some mods) Also remember, ETS2 tries to outline industrial sectors when it comes to cities, not the more commonly seen residential/tourism sectors. Of course, they include some of these tourism sectors for player enjoyment.