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  1. S p a r k i e

    FPS Problems.

    You are most likely being held back by your GPU. The GT 1030 is a very, very underpowered card. (A GTX 750 Ti will beat this card) At 1920x1080, try turning down the scaling setting, that will normally have the biggest effect on your fps. Also, in areas with a lot of players lag is almost unavoidable for 90%+ of systems.
  2. S p a r k i e

    How to record triple monitors, with nvidia shadowplay?

    Shadowplay is extremely broken. (Though you have probably already experienced that) One solution to get the shadowplay working again is to close every process (via task manager, the processes are going to try to start up again after closing them so you have to do this quickly) that nvidia has open (first make sure ETS2 isn't running), which will take a minute or two, then start Geforce Experience once you get them all closed, then you will be able to open the shadowplay panel again. Afterwards, try starting ETS2 and shadowplay should start working again.
  3. S p a r k i e

    How would YOU cope with this?

    I would just stop on the side of the road, go into the dev cam, press f1 to pause and record all of it. But this is nothing compared to what i've dealt with on ATS though, i've seen some people on there who, coming upon, would immediately start swearing and insulting over the CB, mostly just because in a furry. The worst i've had of that was an entire convoy of them, having been driving with my friends they decided to ram us. This is before I had the ability to record, though.
  4. S p a r k i e

    ATS - Heavy Haul Trailers + Cargo

    Is this allowed?
  5. S p a r k i e

    The new trailer modding rule

    §3.2 - Trailer modding The following save edits are permitted on trailers: Trailer combinations must only contain up to 3 cargo carrying trailers (dolly trailers do not count towards this). 3 full-size trailers are not allowed to be used in ETS2 due to the autokick system. The following save edits are not permitted on trailers: Trailer combinations with more than 3 cargo carrying trailers You can actually haul 3 full size trailers (in ATS its 45', 45', 53', for the max trailer sizes in order, while for ETS2 there is really only one trailer size, then you can put whatever trailer you want on back) as the dollies do not count as trailers.
  6. S p a r k i e

    [Poll] Possible ideas for a new congested road

    I think Route 3 would be the best route for this. With Route 1 its also a possibility, but I feel like Route 3 is just better because there are always less skilled and newer drivers coming along the road, we don't want to get blocked up because someone doesn't know how to properly handle their truck. Many people won't pick Route 2 because of the tolls, and many people would still want to be able to overtake the person that decides they want to do 50 km/h the entire road. Plus, like I said above, newer drivers could very likely cause issues. I don't think the road is going to change though, there are too many stubborn people driving there who will never want to change. I usually start my trips in Duisburg or Calais to go down the road, and then continue my trip onto where I was going. (Which usually ends up being 1000+ km away)
  7. S p a r k i e

    Why do we drive too fast?

    Grid 2 is another arcadey type game, which not what I enjoy (I want physics, not a loose understanding of how cars work in action movies), I have Dirt3 and I just start that up once or twice a year when I want rally/rallycross, which isn't really often. Same thing for Forza, if I want to race cars among people with no understanding of etiquette, which isn't often, I will download that 90+ GB game of broken mess and play it for about an hour, then delete it because its a waste of disk space. Im not looking for a racing game though, they almost always attract trolls which will ruin your day and waste hours of your life compared to waiting a minute or two because someone decides to cut you off in a truck simulator where people happen to drive quickly (and sometimes recklessly) in an unofficial multiplayer mod for it. Im looking for a simulator where I happen to be allowed to drive how I want. Add the multiplayer mod, and a few rules are added which makes the experience better. Plus, I like trucks. Cars for me, almost all of them, are pretty boring. It just so happens there aren't really any good truck racing simulators with a large following. (I know this post/comment starts to go somewhat off topic here, but whatever lol) There are serious trolls that play TruckersMP, but the majority of people (95%) don't intend to cause any harm. A lot of people vastly overestimate the amount of truly bad drivers because they are noticed more than anyone else. When you can notice this? In a traffic jam. Almost everyone is stopped, waiting at least somewhat patiently. Then theres the two or three people that come along and mess it all up. @[VIVA] Andy Suter It is a simulator, yes. There is no strictly defined goal of this simulator (only a loose "transport stuff, make money, buy trucks, expand"), and there are only very loose rules. If SCS wasn't okay with us driving fast, they wouldn't allow us to turn off speed limiters. Simulators are meant to simulate things that could happen, yes, but they are defining theirselves and the real rules of how they should be played with what is possible in them, especially when it comes down to important settings. Just by having the option to disable the speed limiter shows players that it is okay to drive past 90 km/h, as there is no game ending issue with speeding, especially in multiplayer where the only things that can capture your speed are easily avoided. Plus, it happens that people do remove speed limiters and governors from their trucks in real life. In the EU, it isn't as popular, but here in the US? Many companies remove the 65 MPH governors, even though California (they are looking at changing speed limits of trucks from 55 MPH to 65 MPH, as well as speed limits for cars are being raised because there is congestion from the low speed limits) legally requires trucks to be governed if they are in that state. Plus the Steam page of ETS2 seems to seriously support that: "Travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits."
  8. S p a r k i e

    Why do we drive too fast?

    I like trucks. I find most of the Ferrari's and all of those show-off cars extremely boring. Forza Community: Rammers, trollers, 150 times worse than TruckersMP. Expensive. Gran Turismo: I don't own a "modern" console, and I don't want to purchase one for a ridiculous price. GTA: Its GTA. More of a heist/deathmatch game than it is a racer. Also worse than TruckersMP for anyone who wants to just drive around, albeit fast. Expensive. Need For Speed: Arcade physics, will get bored within 1 or 2 hours. Expensive. Nearly every other game: Too expensive (or pay-to-play)/Won't run well/Boring. I don't understand why people drive like its a racing game in populated areas (when theres lots of people), but I can understand people driving quickly. And the majority of people who drive like it actually is a racing game don't have any DLC and don't care if they have to make/buy a new steam account and the game for real cheap. I think the issue is how easy it is to just make/buy a new account. It costs less than a dollar to buy a used, vac banned, Steam account. But VAC bans don't matter for TruckersMP (even though I think they should.) All set up. Email and everything. About $5 for an ETS2 key. Altogether, its about $6 USD for a brand new account with ETS2, ready for trolling, ramming, anything you want for roughly 6 bans. Then they re-sell the account to the next person waiting for an account to get banned on another game, and make almost all of their money back. Of course, I don't support any of this. Im just saying what happens.
  9. S p a r k i e

    Sliding Problem

    Your rear wheels are most likely locking up from either your brake intensity being too high, or you do not have a trailer. (no weight on the rear wheels) You can fix this by turning down the brake intensity, and disable the automatic retarder/engine brake.
  10. S p a r k i e

    Buggy Trailers

    These trailers are most likely from the Schwarzmuller DLC. If you do not have some DLC for the game, some trailers may have missing textures or may appear broken because of it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/388477/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Schwarzmller_Trailer_Pack/
  11. S p a r k i e

    Where do your truck sim roots come from?

    18 Wheels Of Steel - Haulin. Great game at the time! My trucking roots are family based, though
  12. S p a r k i e

    The fastest 150 km/h truck.

    You shouldn't use the 8x4 for very small/light loads. Its terrible on fuel economy, slower than all the other options because of its weight, and the gain in stability isn't really high enough for the usefulness of it. Should really only use it for trailers that are 35t or more, because its weight allows it to much better handle those trailers. Plus, it looks a bit ridiculous on normal trailers and trailers that aren't carrying a heavy cargo.
  13. S p a r k i e

    The fastest 150 km/h truck.

    The chassis with more axles just have more weight, but more weight also means more momentum..so thats up to you. (Plus the 4x2 chassis has double the fuel of the 6x chassis options)
  14. S p a r k i e

    The fastest 150 km/h truck.

    It depends, are you driving with or without a trailer? With a trailer its the Volvo 750hp engines. (More top power) Without a trailer its the Scania 730hp V8 engines. (Higher range of usable torque) Depends how you are shifting more than the engines once you get either of those engines, if you are using an h-shifter the 12 speed can be faster than the 6 speed, but if you are using automatic/sequential the 6 speed is faster. Then theres also the Michelin tires DLC, which has bigger (and smaller) tires.
  15. S p a r k i e

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    When there's one way to go and no actual intersecting traffic, or when I have good momentum and I know that nobody is around.