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  1. @Joao Rodrigues ^ If they want to waste 50 hours of their time just to get banned for not knowing how to drive, that's their problem, regardless it would get the majority of the trolls out of the cars
  2. They originally added the cars with the intention of keeping them for admins only, but since the community wanted them available for everyone, they are. I don't have a problem with them, and the majority of the people on the road are still trucks, and the majority of people that have intentions of trolling are in trucks because its so much easier to block or ram someone with a truck than a car, especially considering a Scania or Volvo truck with the top engine and a good gearbox is faster than the skoda. If a skoda is flipping towards you the desync of the server lets you plow through them half the time with not too much damage anyways, regardless if you are trying to stop to avoid it or not (because some people don't). You have to be pretty unlucky, or not know how to avoid accidents to not come out alright on most of those accidents. Personally I think they shouldn't allow players with less than 50 hours in the game drive the cars because they aren't the best to drive but that would be better fit as a suggestion. Either way, you can get in contact with the upper staff using the feedback system (https://truckersmp.com/feedback) and they can probably get you in contact with whoever they think is best.
  3. S p a r k i e

    How do I make TruckersMP use other ETS2 game directory?

    Uninstalling and reinstalling TruckersMP is the easiest way to change which directory TruckersMP will use
  4. Considering ATS doesn't have as many racing or trolling players, I don't think a NCZ zone would be nessecary at all here. Especially considering some places in ATS already don't have collisions and players don't seem to usually have any issue in dealing with that
  5. S p a r k i e


    If you type something in the chat the afk kick timer will reset, that includes just typing a space
  6. TruckersMP uses OVH to host their game servers (https://www.ovh.com/) I don't know exactly what server options they use, or if they have contacted the company for more personalized servers. This is my best guess for one of the servers: https://www.ovh.com/world/dedicated-servers/infra/1801eg03.xml I also don't know if they run multiple servers on one.
  7. There is no reason to intentionally block someone from overtaking But if he is blocking the way from you overtaking I don't see how it would be a good idea to keep trying to overtake By the rules, he is more at fault, but if by fighting you mean hitting them with your truck, then you're at risk of being banned
  8. S p a r k i e

    DLC start Viva La France

    This is a map of what was added by the Viva la France DLC
  9. S p a r k i e

    Restrict/Blacklist Cars

    I like this suggestion, presuming the blacklisting will be automatically applied to the server Even if they just start ramming people and cutting them off in trucks, they still lose a "feature" temporarily, or possibly even permamentally if it gets too bad
  10. S p a r k i e

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    I really think they should shrink the limit to just Duisburg and the one road outside Duisburg that leads to the c-d road, and of course the c-d road. No town in ETS2 is populated to the point where people can't drive a double trailer through, aside from Duisburg. (Calais has more than enough space for it)
  11. S p a r k i e

    old scania update should come

    The older Scania trucks were going to get a removable spoiler on the roof from experimental beta but sadly that was removed, so im guessing Scania doesn't want them working on the older trucks any more
  12. S p a r k i e

    "Best" Trucks in ATS

    Trucks in ATS really only matter based on what you think looks nice. The W900 and the P389 technically have more power than the rest of the trucks, but not by much. I wouldn't call save editing the engine from a P389 or W900 into a different truck unrealistic though, considering how modular US trucks are built, its just not an option you would have from an official dealer. What matters most is the transmission and chassis type. For heavy haul I would pick the Allison TC10 or the 18 speed transmission, though a 13 (or 12, incase you are driving a VNL) speed will usually do just fine too. I would reccomend a 6x4 chassis, but again its not entirely nessecary, its just very useful incase you somehow get stuck. Fastest overall transmissions are the Allison transmissions, but the 18 speed will let you cruise at 100mph pretty well
  13. Once I get a new computer I might be able to afford it a month after that lol
  14. S p a r k i e

    Is Snow mod local or public

    You cannot currently activate snow mod on MP, since we are not in the winter season When we are in the winter season you can activate it, and you will join the servers as normal, and the snow will show on just your screen If the TMP team decides to allow winter physics in the upcoming winter, you may also have the option to enable the winter physics for just yourself.
  15. S p a r k i e

    Red Lights, when do you run them?

    ^ @ScaniaFan89 In the USA we have at almost every stop light one or two "inductive-loop" traffic detectors (electromagnets). Some lights are set to change quickly enough to make it useless to install/use them, though. Theres usually only one, but at bigger intersections or places that traffic can get stuck at red lights for a long time, or even, for example, when one road has priority and their lights are almost always green. These will usually pretty quickly turn the light green if there's no other passing traffic, or if the passing traffic is sparse enough. Still not running red lights...but it makes it much more efficient and you won't have to wait long at all. One of the main problems though...they can't detect certain vehicles, such as motorcycles, since they just aren't made with enough metal that can be magnetic, or they fit inside the loop entirely. Another problem..is people that don't know about them, usually on mopeds, and they block up all of the traffic behind them because they are stopped on top of the detector, which won't detect them and will assume there is nobody there. It would be pretty nice to see it in ATS, though I doubt it would be something put into the game. I've got two examples: