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  1. @ppabli I tried that way but still got black screen so i've put in a support ticket to truckersmp about the black screen just waiting for a response but thanks for the help i appreciate it
  2. @SavageXL i don't use any mods just play it how it is for truckersmp & singleplayer
  3. Hi Everyone Is anyone else having a problem with truckersmp after updating to 1.38 like im having here in this photo after the black appeared in my game it closed my game completely down it did this 5 more times before i gave in and played a different game on my steam library Cheers Australian Stig
  4. thanks for the update i can't wait for 1.38 to come out on truckersmp
  5. Hi there i want to know if there are any new people who have joined truckersmp recently during this pandemic at the moment
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone hope you had a great day today 😀

  7. @Nigthwish I bet u used a lot of fuel for doing that journey
  8. Happy First Day of the Month Everyone !! 😁

  9. @[ĐŤŞ]-αľđŏ_ŧřŭċқ_- nice when i go on long journey i go from Aberdeen to İstanbul using the Volvo FH16
  10. @Herr Müller [GER] it would be ets2 for me as i prefer to drive european trucks
  11. nice @[ĐŤŞ]-αľđŏ_ŧřŭċқ_- what truck did u use to do that job ?
  12. Hi there What's the longest job u ever taken on truckersmp/Promods and where was it from and where was it's place of arrival Thanks
  13. Happy Monday Everyone Have a Great Day :)

  14. for me it would be the Iveco Stralis old model as it quite a rare truck seen driving around the roads on truckersmp
  15. the first place i would visit when getting iberia is madrid and then lisbon
  16. Hi everyone What would you say is the truck u never really see when playing truckersmp at the moment ?
  17. Hi everyone I want to know from you which country you are going to visit first when Scs Software releases Iberia for ets2 is it going to be Spain or Portugal and which city as well Cheers Thanks Australian Stig
  18. @GrandLionTR Same here there's not a lot really gonna change in 1.38
  19. Hi there Who else has had a chance to test out 1.38 open beta for ets2?
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