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  1. 3 hours ago, Lukavsky TMP said:


    atualize todos os drivers no seu PC e tente novamente. 

    Lukavsky TMP

    I updated the latest drivers of my video card and it is in agreement. However, your tip didn't work. Thanks;


    3 hours ago, sQueаky said:

    Olá @FBTC - Raaphael


    Você pode tentar estas etapas:

    1. Execute o comando client (cmd) como administrador
    2. Digite o seguinte comando


    3. Aguarde o processo terminar e, em seguida, reinicie o computador
    4. Inicie o jogo com o Steam "Launch with DirectX (64 bits)"
    5. Passe algum tempo no jogo (5 min)
    6. Saia do jogo e inicie Multiplayer

    Bem, ou tente o caminho 2

    1) Vá para Documentos e exclua a pasta ETS2MP
    2) Pressione a tecla Windows + R (Win + R) no teclado
    3) Digite "% programdata%" e pressione Enter (sem as aspas)
    4) Localize a pasta "TruckersMP" e exclua essa pasta.
    5) Navegue até 😄 \ Arquivos de Programas \ e exclua a pasta chamada "TruckersMP Launcher"
    6) E vá para baixar novamente este iniciador aqui: https://truckersmp.com/download  

    Hey, sQueаky,
    I performed both procedures you followed and it still takes a while to close the game in multiplayer mode.
    The almost exact time I can say is that it takes 20-25 seconds to close the game and when I click to start it is almost 15 seconds.
    It seems like a despicable time, but it's a nuisance to me and other friends who are complaining too.


    Hello @ThiagoBR_, The delay to close the game persists both offline and multiplayer.
    It seems like a problem that not only happens to me, but also to other friends I've been talking about.


    Hey, @Ah Bunker, I just ran CCleaner. I cleaned up all unnecessary windonws explorer storage, cleaned up the cache memories and other options I had in the program column. And yet, still has not resolved the delay in closing the game.

  2. Congratulations TruckersMP and team!👏👏👏
    You did a great job during these years.😀

    In Multiplayer, this made me form a lot of friendships while traveling and today I have more friends playing ETS2 than other games. It gave me a realistic feeling with its convoy events, actual operations, so it was sensational, I don't even know how to describe it in other words. I can say it was amazing.

    # 3milliongiveaway

  3. This is very gratifying to see that TruckersMP is steadily overcoming new obstacles and new content for Multiplayer.^_^
    The AI traffic would be another unbelievable advance as all the players who accompanied the demo video will be expecting that one day this will be accomplished successfully. 😊

    Congratulations to the TruckersMP team.👏👏

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