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  1. 1. Nickname: FBTC - Raaphael 2. TruckersMP ID: 78843 3. Member since: 02 Dec 2014
  2. Last year's event was an adrenaline rush to hunt these eggs. I hope to be able to participate in this next event.
  3. As this is not a problem that has not occurred to me. I waited for an answer from friends and they said that the solutions method described from 1 to 5 did not solve it. And after that they reinstalled the launcher and it started working normally again. Thank you for your support @!drkYVZ
  4. Hi, I've been getting a lot of reports from friends who are experiencing the following issue when running the new TruckersMP launcher. Failed to launch the game: failed to get pid The old one doesn't seem to have this error. Is there any solution for this?
  5. The time has come to face the terror. So I will be present on this adventure.
  6. Happy Birthday Raphael 🎉!!! 

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