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  1. what version do we downgrade it to lol
  2. Hello, I used to play this game a couple of months ago and now I'm back and I love the new car, but why can't I put a Police Accessory? I saw a person with the accessory, but how?
  3. Hello, I don't really favor the voice chat feature, because I talk to my friends through teamviewer meetings. Is there any way to disable this?
  4. My profile picture is hawt

    1. Jamie69


      How can you see out of that Windshield ;)

    2. BlizzLee
  5. How is this, mine gone rejected in 2 hours and this is not rejected yet with 22 POSTS?!
  6. I've suggested this before and it was declined...
  7. It will be separate? Well okay then, but just saying it would be sooooooooo.......... fun. I'm from USA and I want to apply for admin in ats, but I'm not 17, only 15, is it possible to lower that a little?
  8. Since they changed the name to World of Trucks Multiplayer, will it combine ATS and ETS2? Like the maps to drive from europort to America would be fun. I'm wondering because on the site it says "Supports ETS2 and ATS (64 bit)" Will the games and trucks combine, or what?
  9. DestroyCode

    Alt + Tab

    Had this issue, similar specs to your computer, found a solution by contacting Microsoft. What was the Solution?: Create a new user, make is as administrator and transfer your files to that. Doesn't just happen for ETS but to some other games.
  10. Simple question. http://i.hizliresim.com/286rdq.png How do you get a person ets2mp id and steam id in the chatbox?
  11. ^ Oh because most websites just change it, no matter if they changed or not. You guys did release a new version though on the website. (Of the game)
  12. Suggestion Name: Change the Copyright status to 2016 on http://ets2mp.com/ Suggestion Description: Nothing really to explain, just change the copyright status of http://ets2mp.com/from 2015 to 2016. Any example images: http://imgur.com/gallery/7m8xOVm/new Why should it be added?: Because it's 2016. Some stuff changed.
  13. ^ I had to quick travel somewhere but they should fix this bug overall
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