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  1. That might be the last option. This problem first came to be, when I formatted my PC and had to buy a new headset, since the old one broke. My Headset works just fine for any other game which uses VOIP. I can see the green CB channels inside my truck and it changes numbers when I edit it inside the Tab menu. Is there a keybind which turns it ON/Off?
  2. That is not the problem I have described. I think I tried that before but I'll give it another go. thx. I don't have a contact settings but maybe you mean this I added as attachment. As I said, I even reinstalled my diver for the headset. Unfortunately so far nothing has worked. My mic works in-game when I use the test feature. I just can't hear anybody speak and nobody can hear me. I had a friend with me who heard people talk while I couldn't hear it.
  3. Hi guys, any help on this would be appreciated. I looked for google solutions and tried the forum search function but couldn't find anything. Maybe I was just using the wrong keywords idk. So usually my headset and mic work just fine with any other game but for some reason ETS2's voice chat is not working for me. I press x and see my talk icon appear but nobody can hear me. I also can't hear other people talk over voice chat. Any idea what could be the problem. I reinstalled the driver but with no success As you can see from the pic I posted. The mic test and all the other sounds work just fine in game. Is there a disable voice chat option that I may have on?
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