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  1. Hey Truckers MP Community,


    I haven't been on this forum for a long time, I've always looked over it but you haven't heard from me. That's because I have a lot to do at the moment! Many have gone or joined the team of the TMP!


    Even a lot of "new" members have joined the team since! It was really a nice time on the Truckers MP Forum. Now I want to thank you very much for this community that there is this community I have learned many new things as well as some friends got to know.


    And a big thanks for the server that was available on 29.04.2019 - 03.05.2019. I spent some nice moments with the Fast Cargo VTC


    I really had a great time on this server.



    Here are some photos of this beautiful convoy::wub:




    PN7429P.pngauHZ4bR.png vAD8Z90.png






























    Thanks Truckers MP for the 5 years and for the great idea! I would like to thank Fast Cargo VTC very much for the support and that I can guide him with a police car.:troll:


    Now enjoy your time here on the forum and always be careful on the Road! ;)



    Happy Trucking! :tmp:

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