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  1. DannyUK

    Thoughts on a "Ultra Realistic Mode"

    This has always been on my mind and many other peoples minds. Most of us have been calling for these features a long time ago but fall of deaf ears. I want them to let us jump out of the truck and do as you said change tyres if you have puncture, open the front of the truck for repairs. We should be able to get out and fasten the straps on the back of the trailer also, these things should be in the game from day 1 years ago, it's a simulator, if only my straps would automatically tighten by themselves in real life. The core of the game needs a huge shakup, companies is worth nothing, there is no reason to buy companies in game because it's all flawed with you getting millions in MP. If some other developer came along to make another game which was more realistic I'd drop ETS2 like a shot.
  2. DannyUK

    What do people mean when they say "rec"

    I have recording as a tag just so people know before they want to decide to ram or troll. If someone crashes into me and they apologise I have no problem with that, I will only report if it is intentional. If people want to roll the dice thinking I'm not recording they can chance their luck because they can view the evidence for themselves when report goes in.
  3. DannyUK

    Missing file privileges game version

    Ok so it's downloaded the 1.2gb file again, seems to be working now. What a carry on to upgrade and get it working lol. Thanks for the help.
  4. I've just done the opt out of all betas thing in Steam and it downloaded something 1.2gb now it won't let me play saying update queued in downloads but it's already downloaded and it's saying missing file privileges, what's that? The truckersmp won't let me open game either saying wrong version
  5. DannyUK

    Most Played Game + Amount Of Hours

    Arma 3 1600hrs with Elderscrolls Online coming 2nd 1400hrs. Do you ever get any sleep? 932hrs in the past 2 weeks is crazy.
  6. DannyUK

    Shadowplay not responding

    Seems to be working now, thanks for the help much appreciated.
  7. DannyUK

    Shadowplay not responding

    I usually use shadowplay for recording the last 10 minutes of my gameplay if I need to submit reports but lately I'm having trouble with shadowplay and wondered if anyone else had this and how they fixed it if possible? So when I open the Geforce experience and goto settings there the little icon is not showing in the corner of the screen to record gameplay, in HUD settings. Everytime I'm in game it won't record or start when I hit the shortcut keys. I've tried re installing the drivers because i've had a separate issue with them already but shadowplay will still not start.
  8. DannyUK

    Realistic accident

    I wouldn't mind seeing accidents in MP on 1 of the servers, could have random accident scenes with line of traffic waiting. I understand it's a trolls playground but the bans are there for a reason, ban them and don't let them back on that server it's that simple. I think 1 of the servers should be made like this for more in depth simulator in MP.
  9. DannyUK

    Can't see any jobs

    I've just downgraded the version for it to work but when I click freight jobs nothing is appearing in the list, it's saying "unable to find jobs matching your filters" I don't have filters on as far as I know, nothing is checked. I usually go for the World Of Truck jobs but they are not working with compatibility issues. Been a long time since i've played it, any help? Nevermind, I quick travelled and it seem to have sorted itself, not sure what was wrong with it though.
  10. I got this also, i've had all sorts of issues today with my G29 wheel and drivers then I get on to ETS2 with the same thing world of trucks connection is lost. Is it because of the downgrade? I don't know i've not played it for months, just came back to it today but can't play via world of trucks also.
  11. So 72% find the word "REC" abusive? Hmm I just wonder how many of that 72% are trolls or who like to ram. People crying because they've got caught, sounds about right. I think people will just have to put up with it whether people say the word or have it as a tag.
  12. Well I'm afraid you're wrong. I've got recording in my tag only to warn others that if they intend to troll and ram for the sake of it I will submit the recording. Most people don't have REC in their tag just to scare people, it's their as a warning. I've had no bans since I started playing. I would view it the other way around, people crying about others having REC in their tags is usually the ones who have been banned or unable to troll without being reported for it, they don't like the fact they can do as they wish without consequence.
  13. If they've done something wrong then they should be scared because they should know what's coming, ban. I have recording in my tag and if people thinking I'm joking about it they can try me and find themselves banned in a few days after. I never report people for accidents, intentional on the other hand well that gets submitted right away no questions asked.
  14. DannyUK

    What makes a VTC company die?

    Companies in this game need a huge shake up, I'm surprised the people behind MP haven't made their own company system like they are doing with traffic in MP. I've never played in VTC because it is pointless, (at least to me) because it's nothing other than a get together or random drive just as you can do on your own anyway, where is the fun exactly or the feeling of reward? There needs to be a better system in place with companies in MP because at the moment it isn't worth the time and effort.
  15. DannyUK

    New Game Mode

    I don't know why people are so scared of trolls, there is a simple way to eradicate them and that is a 1 or 2 strike rule. Have this on 1 server, if you cause disruption on the roads on purpose you either get banned from playing on that server for good or get 1 more chance there after. There shouldn't be 5 chances or however many it is at the moment, no 1 week ban or 1 month ban, but lifetime ban. Edit: Anyone know when more information will be available or how far along it is to completion?