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  1. Ok so it's downloaded the 1.2gb file again, seems to be working now. What a carry on to upgrade and get it working lol. Thanks for the help.
  2. I've just done the opt out of all betas thing in Steam and it downloaded something 1.2gb now it won't let me play saying update queued in downloads but it's already downloaded and it's saying missing file privileges, what's that? The truckersmp won't let me open game either saying wrong version
  3. Seems to be working now, thanks for the help much appreciated.
  4. I usually use shadowplay for recording the last 10 minutes of my gameplay if I need to submit reports but lately I'm having trouble with shadowplay and wondered if anyone else had this and how they fixed it if possible? So when I open the Geforce experience and goto settings there the little icon is not showing in the corner of the screen to record gameplay, in HUD settings. Everytime I'm in game it won't record or start when I hit the shortcut keys. I've tried re installing the drivers because i've had a separate issue with them already but shadowplay will still not start.
  5. I've just downgraded the version for it to work but when I click freight jobs nothing is appearing in the list, it's saying "unable to find jobs matching your filters" I don't have filters on as far as I know, nothing is checked. I usually go for the World Of Truck jobs but they are not working with compatibility issues. Been a long time since i've played it, any help? Nevermind, I quick travelled and it seem to have sorted itself, not sure what was wrong with it though.
  6. I got this also, i've had all sorts of issues today with my G29 wheel and drivers then I get on to ETS2 with the same thing world of trucks connection is lost. Is it because of the downgrade? I don't know i've not played it for months, just came back to it today but can't play via world of trucks also.
  7. I haven't got the DLC either and I have not encountered this but shouldn't it just put the normal lights on there for you if you can't see DLC? I don't understand why it blocks them off like that, strange. If true it isn't a ban then obviously.
  8. The only trouble is takes a very long time to release other areas, going East released Sept 2013, Scandinavia released May 2015 now France Dec 2016 just way to long to be bring out these areas within the game. I don't know how many areas are available on ATS but when you release a game the whole of America should be released just the same as Europe to much of a money spinner for them unfortunately. We can now expect a 2 year wait before we receive another small pieces of the puzzle.
  9. Yes they are only open certain times, once you buy 5 trucks you can buy them online at anytime of the day but I do remember the times I had to wait for them to open when I first started.
  10. If people apologised in game and they made a mistake then I wouldn't feel as bad but when they drive all over the place or crash into you then carry on their way without saying anything it gets you angry. I've had few people who bumped me and probably was not on purpose and they've said sorry, I accept that unless it's a really bad shunt and badly damaged. Oh I see, that's fair enough. I've put the video public then so you should see it.
  11. Oh ok thanks for that information, I will keep an eye open for that then. I don't know why they would go to all that trouble but obviously some people are.
  12. I reported 2 people today from gameplay yesterday and i've noticed when I clicked my report 1 of them has already had a ban for blocking so when i've clicked the picture which was provided as evidence it is shown as the same person I reported but under a different name. My question is when people are banned can they simply make a new profile and start again? I thought you were stuck with the same name to play on MP, if you can change your name everytime you are banned won't they just keep coming back? Usually I wouldn't report players who break the rules but I'm getting abit sick of them ruini
  13. Freight jobs, although pressing F7 and calling services fixes it but you have to pay money which you shouldn't have to do but it solves it for the time being. I hope there is a fix for this long term, must be a bug in the game.
  14. I've recently been having this issue where no freight jobs will show up on the list but when you goto the depot manually the jobs are there. I've read a few threads on this forum which suggest changing the config file from 1 to 0 then goto game and then change it back which I have done and it fixed the problem yesterday but when I logged back in it's gone back the same way, is there a long term fix for this so I don't have to keep changing the config file? Why is it doing this, does anyone know?
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