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  1. If they've done something wrong then they should be scared because they should know what's coming, ban. I have recording in my tag and if people thinking I'm joking about it they can try me and find themselves banned in a few days after. I never report people for accidents, intentional on the other hand well that gets submitted right away no questions asked.
  2. What makes a VTC company die?

    Companies in this game need a huge shake up, I'm surprised the people behind MP haven't made their own company system like they are doing with traffic in MP. I've never played in VTC because it is pointless, (at least to me) because it's nothing other than a get together or random drive just as you can do on your own anyway, where is the fun exactly or the feeling of reward? There needs to be a better system in place with companies in MP because at the moment it isn't worth the time and effort.
  3. New Game Mode

    I don't know why people are so scared of trolls, there is a simple way to eradicate them and that is a 1 or 2 strike rule. Have this on 1 server, if you cause disruption on the roads on purpose you either get banned from playing on that server for good or get 1 more chance there after. There shouldn't be 5 chances or however many it is at the moment, no 1 week ban or 1 month ban, but lifetime ban. Edit: Anyone know when more information will be available or how far along it is to completion?
  4. New Game Mode

    Wow are they finally going to add traffic to at least 1 server? it's only taken years, i've been saying it all along it is much better with traffic than empty roads. I got bored of playing for long periods and haven't been back on it for months, it gets boring driving in MP on empty roads i'll be glad to see the day when it arrives that's if they put it on the server. I'll be happy to play for long periods again if this happened but I guess we'll see if it does or not. If it is restricted to a low number of people like 2-4 that would be very disappointing and not worth the effort. You may as well just play SP if that was the case as you'd never see any other player mixed into the traffic.
  5. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive suport version.

    I have the Rift and asked this question awhile ago also. They are not supporting it which is a shame, I would really like it to happen but can't see them doing it.
  6. Time spent daily

    How anyone can spend all day on ETS2MP is beyond me, I probably last around 2 hours before I start getting bored. There is just little to do in game, ok you can do more deliveries but it is pointless really because you can't spend your money on anything and I certainly don't need money with the glitch in game. I just wish they could improve companies and have something more structured within the game to keep it interesting but at the moment I play every so often, I could not play day after day, I'd die of boredom and gets to repetitive.
  7. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    I never use in game report feature, I also think it's a waste of time unless it's a troll going around smashing everything and everywhere. It's no good someone hitting me and then I go to report only 20 minutes later it's all over with and he is a good boy or girl just driving along the road, it just doesn't work in that regard. I always record when something happens anyway and just report it.
  8. Border Controls and Closed Borders?

    No they shouldn't be there stopping anyone unless they are Admins of course. All you have to say is "You'll be stopped for a long time if you don't move, I'm recording" I guarantee they will start moving and be off like a shot, the majority of the time anyway. I always have "recording" as a tag anyway just incase they try something, it doesn't always stop them but most of the time they move on.
  9. Heisenberg is that you?

    I still miss Breaking Bad, I've watched all the box sets 3 times. It's a shame it had to come to an end but I like the trailer in ETS2. Yeah ****!
  10. Voice Navigation Mod - ETS2 and ATS

    The days when it says turn right and leads us on a narrow path and get stuck under a bridge
  11. Voice Navigation Mod - ETS2 and ATS

    Looks really good, will it be made for MP though or just SP? Very harsh with letting mods in the game but I hope they allow this.
  12. Own a company or drive for a company?

    All links to the same thing at the end of the day, if the in game companies was much better there would be little or no need for VTC. I wouldn't own or drive for a VTC either just to be clear.
  13. Own a company or drive for a company?

    Just goes to show you how much they care about the core game when they bring out DLC after DLC instead of updating the base game. There is alot they could do for the base game itself to improve it, companies is 1 area where they could expand on and improve, they refuse to do this and instead focus on a cash cow idea of more DLC and to hell with the base game. Personally I drive alone, when I come back into the game from a break I enjoy it but it doesn't last long, it gets very repetitive after a few weeks and then I take another break away. There is no point to companies at the moment, my money goes through the roof well into the millions, what am I supposed to do with it all other than buy another truck? So much more could be done with the game if they could be bothered to do it, unfortunately I think it's in the wrong hands and it's also unfortunate nobody else has took on the developer to bring their own simulator out
  14. MicroPayMents SCS

    Exactly right, I said the same thing myself. This comes all down to money rather than keeping the fans happy, they want to churn out DLC after DLC to make it into a cashcow. They should have finished the base game and put all European maps into it before releasing and then moved on to ATS. They have abandoned the base game, nothing gets improved in it, it's all about bringing new DLC out now and even then it takes them a very long time to bring them out. I don't usually buy other parts until it is on sale but I bet when all DLC is out it will cost near £100 if not more altogether. I agree with your view that it is like EA, that's exactly what it's like, money grabbers.
  15. Trolling - not ban worthy?

    Yes I agree with that, I thought the same when I viewed it, shouldn't have crossed double white lines but declining the report was wrong in my opinion although he could have been banned himself through his own evidence.