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  1. Hello again. So I have been having a few in game issues that are starting to bug me. Everytime I log into ETS2 MP no jobs appear though loading into single player solves the issue. However when I log into single player it keeps saying New mods found, when I haven't added any new mods, so keeps teleporting me back to my home garage. I have tried doing the g force economy thing but doesn't solve it. Any idea on how to fix this issue please? Thanks, Lee.
  2. Lee4561

    No jobs, new mods found, keeps teleporting me.

    Hello, Yes Prototype, says game changed detected then puts me in a safe place which is back in Liverpool. Hi Black, I have checked all my mods in the game folder and only mods I have are active in game. I did have stuff from the steam workshop but removed them.
  3. Hello. I have some mods showing up in the ingame mod manager, however they are not showing in the ETS2 mod folder? Anyone know how I can remove them please? Thanks, Lee.
  4. Lee4561

    Mods in game but not in mod folder.

    Hi guys, Have been on the workshop and removed them. Thanks alot. Lee.
  5. Lee4561

    Sending me home after job.

    Hello. My homebase is in Liverpool but if I do a job to somewhere else, log off and log back in I find I am back in Liverpool? Looked in the gameplay options but cannot seem to see any option there. How do I fix it please? Thanks, Lee.
  6. Lee4561

    Sending me home after job.

    Hello again, Thanks for the replies, I believe changing the economy thing has resolved it. Went to Liverpool to Manchester, completed cargo, restarted game and have stayed in Manchester. Thanks everyone, have a nice weekend. Lee.
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    Sending me home after job.

    Hey guys, Ye it says game change everytime I load up, i will try the economy reset thing when I find how to. Lee.
  8. Lee4561

    Can't make a topic in help.

    Hello, Sorry it wouldn't let me make a topic under the Help section. I have been driving my Volvo FH16 with the in game truck limiter turned off though sticking to speed limit, just so I can hit 60 in Britain. However just recently the option box is black for me and it wont let me select or de-select and my truck won't go past 55 mph Could someone help me resolve this please? Thanks in advance, Lee.
  9. Lee4561

    Can't make a topic in help.

    Hello thanks for the replies. I have started doing External Contracts (World Of Truck Contract?) So that might explain it. Thanks, Lee.