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  1. Lee4561

    Sending me home after job.

    Hello again, Thanks for the replies, I believe changing the economy thing has resolved it. Went to Liverpool to Manchester, completed cargo, restarted game and have stayed in Manchester. Thanks everyone, have a nice weekend. Lee.
  2. Lee4561

    Sending me home after job.

    Hey guys, Ye it says game change everytime I load up, i will try the economy reset thing when I find how to. Lee.
  3. Lee4561

    Sending me home after job.

    Hello. My homebase is in Liverpool but if I do a job to somewhere else, log off and log back in I find I am back in Liverpool? Looked in the gameplay options but cannot seem to see any option there. How do I fix it please? Thanks, Lee.
  4. Lee4561

    Can't make a topic in help.

    Hello thanks for the replies. I have started doing External Contracts (World Of Truck Contract?) So that might explain it. Thanks, Lee.
  5. Lee4561

    Can't make a topic in help.

    Hello, Sorry it wouldn't let me make a topic under the Help section. I have been driving my Volvo FH16 with the in game truck limiter turned off though sticking to speed limit, just so I can hit 60 in Britain. However just recently the option box is black for me and it wont let me select or de-select and my truck won't go past 55 mph Could someone help me resolve this please? Thanks in advance, Lee.