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  1. In 50 minutes, the convoy should start. Why the event server is still closed?

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    2. FirestarteR93


      I believe the server will be initially open only for convoy controls, convoy leaders etc. , so there won't be a situation in which everybody is waiting for the convoy leaders which are unable to connect because the server is full

    3. Sgt Salt

      Sgt Salt

      We are trying to open it but we are having some difficulties

    4. Lonewolf2272


      You should have some hope

  2. A short video with cars on ETS2:MP: 


    1. Tomas1999


      nice and calm driving :D

  3. The convoy from yesterday: 


  4. New PC is coming soon with Intel Xeon E1241 V3 3.5ghz ( basically I7 4770k without integrated GPU ), 32GB RAM and EVGA GTX 970 4GB SuperOverlocked ACX 2.0 :D

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    2. Creatured


      actually its basically a i7 4770k with no IGPU and ECC support or a 4770 i dunno if that xeon is unlocked

    3. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      Creatured knows his stuff. He did his homework. xDDD @Creatured @BadDriver

    4. BadDriver


      Creatured, E1241 V3 has 3.5ghz base freq and 3.9ghz turbo freq. I7 4770k has 3.5ghz base freq and 3.9ghz turbo freq. I7 4770 has 3.4ghz base freq and 3.9ghz turbo freq. So basically, its a locked 4770k ( or a 4770 with 0.1 more base freq ), with a locked multiplier, with ECC support and without IGPU. Both OC and IGPU are useless for me. And E3 1241 is about 130 dollars cheaper than I7 4770 in my country. Good deal, isn't it? :D

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