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  1. WiseBrock


    It's also because with the amount of crashes that happen, it isn't a big deal as it clears the way quicker.
  2. Hey, I used to use the Logitech G27; I then bought the Logitech G29 and it's the one I use to this day - it's the one I would recommend. However there are others. Happy trucking!
  3. What has happened to EU2? It just went offline! Are they adding an update?


    1. phylip24


      Fingers crossed for ATS update! :)

    2. Beefy32659_YT


      @HeavyHaulageUKVTC can't join any servers, I am fine maybe it's a buggy setup at present. :( :troll:ing us :P 

    3. B. Petrovich
  4. WiseBrock

    More Trucks

    TruckersMP can't add trucks to the base game, you will have to ask SCS when they will release or if they will release it!
  5. WiseBrock


    The only reason that there are many trolls on ATS is because it is a 'Admin-free' place. So they storm round annoying people thinking that nothing happens. Stay safe, if any trolls do hit you, please report it ASAP!! #trollfreelife
  6. WiseBrock

    AI traffic

    The reason there is no AI traffic within multiplayer is because they would have issues syncing with the rest of us. I hope this has answer the question. The reason why there is traffic lights is so that people don't come speeding through causing accidents that I do know happens. The only reason that the lights blink yellow is because that no enough people are there to let the traffic lights sync with the traffic. Have a good day
  7. Good afternoon, I was just escorting a convoy, like you do, then suddenly, I was kicked for lag! Is trying to tell me to get a new PC?
  8. I hope so, because then it isn't a very merry Christmas on ETS2MP!
  9. I've driven it and it is great but now when are the other cars coming out? There would probably be a Ford Focus, or a Land Rover, or even a jaguar estate, or even an Audi. Guys you better get thinking! XD
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