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  1. Happy Birthday! :))

  2. Thank you very much for your quick response, very much appreciated!
  3. I sincerely apologize for being impatient but I am wondering what happens now that only 2 of us have entered, topic is closed and the topic creator doesn't respond. Thanks in advance!
  4. ★ ETS2 Poland - Iceland | Euro Truck Simulator 2 HD ★ 


  5. I told you what my thoughts on reports were. The system just doesn't work, there are trolls everyday, It ain't hard to think out a system that will make everyone play normally and drive properly. For example, going into the opposite side on the road kicks you from the server, so does crossing multiple lights and so on. That's a basic thing, a bit lines of code and the trolls are gone.
  6. This community just became unbelieveable. Every single time I play on an Europe server there's a Turk that ruins my gameplay. Why Turk? Because all of them have these pictures of Turkye flag. Please, one day an admin was teleporting on a single-way road inside our trucks so he made 100% damage to us. Do you even know how many times I and friends report players? This report system is useless. Can you "please" hire admins that won't abuse their powers? Can you please "check" reports submitted by players? I bet someone will bullshit about racism but then on my position someone explain, how can't you be pissed if a Turk (or any player) goes on the highway and drives the opposite roads, crashes into you and damages your truck 100% while you are low on money? I'm done with this, there are barely 10 out of the whole server that know how to drive. On the other side, traffic lights are just something useless? Everyone crosses them, why not just remove them THEN? Irresponsible adminstrators. Go ahead, ban me, but you know, many players have the same thought as me. -Florjan
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