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  1. Had a break from the trucking sims and returned to ATS  on 1.36  last 2 trips i did the detours was 100 miles from my drop off points -.-

  2. What's everyone up to ?

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    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Hope you have fun at the event and it's a peaceful event Without any reckless drivers.

    3. RS Games SEP 2020
    4. WNxArcticwolf


      But with  truckers mp expect the unexpected.

  3. Morning all

    1. Felipe.
    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Just had some dinner now i feel like a stuffed turkey at Christmas.

  4. Well i just came back and now i got to go out again busy start of the weekend for me lol.

  5. Just had some hot dogs.

  6. Just watching peaky blinders.

  7. Just had dinner now im full.  like a big fat pig LOL

  8. Just got up. Had a dream that I was waiting at the airport to go to the USA.

  9. Going to have something to eat shortly.

  10. finally, got the kitten rescued 24 hours after rescuing the mother cat

  11. Morning all  just woke up well my body has im not lol.

  12. moring all

    1. Mary Jackson

      Mary Jackson

      Hey! Good Morning 👋

    2. WNxArcticwolf


      So tired i think it's going take me half a day to wake up.

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