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  1. that's what TMP was like back in the day, with Europe 1 and Europe 2 EU#2 was always full, even though it had people going as fast as they can and maybe crashing into others more than they should
  2. strazyyy

    Road to Simulation

    tbh i don't see the point in removing the 150 speed limit since it doesn't change how the majority of players behave in-game. it's not like not being able to drive at 80 kmh in the city has made leaving duisburg easier, plus driving long distances on highways is more tedious now since you're stuck at 110 km/h. yeah, it's a simulator and technically trucks aren't even supposed to go over 90 km/h, but at the end of the day it's just a game. sometimes the change has made traffic on really busy roads worse since both truck (especially those with doubles, wtf?) & scout drivers try to overtake the person in front of them who is going 108-110 km/h. then again i wasn't a fan of the 150 speed limit either.
  3. I've been waiting for the winter mod since forever, great work!
  4. this is going to help me in being passive-aggressive to others, ty based ets2mp devs/gods
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