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  1. Due to my low storage space problem, i have to uninstall ETS 2 when i'm freeing up space or playing something else. Regardless, when i return my last played profile is gone. I haven't deleted any profiles from documents and i have steam cloud enabled. I don't want to have to start a new profile everytime i'm craving some trucking.
  2. On medium settings. No issues, even in populated areas. Which is shown in this video. If you're having issues, avoid populated areas, turn your settings down, or find a way to upgrade your potato.
  3. They are doing it one state at a time. Why? Every teaser they post hypes you up until release. So they can make that particular state on par with how it looks on real maps. So bugs can be reported to improve the state's QOL, if needed. You also have to realize, most states have a larger scale. Delaware & Rhode Island are the 2 smallest of the bunch. SCS isn't going to retire ATS. Each state gives them money. Then, they will bundle those states into regional releases. I speculate the port in Washington will be used to go to Alaska & Hawaii. Let me recap the previous states releases for you Arizona: June 6, 2016. 4 months after ATS launched. New Mexico: Nov 9, 2017. 5 months,. Oregon: Oct 4, 2018. 10 months, with a rescale of Nevada, California, Arizona, & New Mexico. Washington: Jun 11, 2019. 7 months. Utah: Nov 7, 2019. 4 months. Idaho: Jul 16, 2020. 8 months. Colorado: Nov 12, 2020. 4 months. Wyoming: Sep 7, 2021. 10 months. Montana: Aug 4, 2022. 11 months. Texas: Nov 15, 2022. 3 months. SCS has also increased the size of ATS team from 4 to 40, and probably more to this date. Seems like they take on 2 state projects at a time. 3/4 of the year to a full year is indication that that state is the first project while another team focus on the next to close to gap to 1/4 of the year. There are 38 states to go. Assuming they are doing the 2 states at a time method, it equates to 19 times that is repeated. The full map could be completed by 2040. (Just my guesswork with the 2 projects at a time. Only SCS truly knows how much allocation they have to plan our future content).
  4. While a good concept in theory, there's too many issues that will prevent this from happening. How would TMP enforce restrictions to those who only have one game? I feel like hackers could bypass this and have their Scania in Texas. Neither game has a finished map. Even with Oklahoma & West Balkans on the horizon, ATS still has about 37 states to go (which will probably be another 10 years). ETS 2 still has older map regions to update, in addition to the remaining missing map like Ireland. The amount of required trial and error invested to make sure it can be released for the players. TMP Admins should be focusing their efforts on giving us new content, (hopefully adding my ai cars idea for ats), planning out additional real op's, and other things. There's also no promise of success and they may have to scrap the idea. If SCS is even planning to link up all trucking games by some port script, it would not only take time, but they still have to develop and acquire licenses to make those games. Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, Canada. ProMods would only improve upon the map, not do SCS' work for them. Community Deterrent. ATS already has a low pop since 2017. What other incentive could this give players to leave CD, leave Las Vegas, and venture the full scale dual maps?
  5. While yes, they are a staple trolling vehicle in the CD Warzone. There are a handful of players who know how to use it, even with a caravan attached. However, removing them won't solve anything at all. Trolls will just move to back to trucks. (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4FvVg9Bilq9lt-9shDw4_M1bVx9ty-j I have an entire playlist of Truck Sim that shows trollls and bad drivers in trucks). You take away Staff's Police Cars. Which is counter-intuitive for Real Operation Events. See my PFP? That's early Duisburg (i want to say 2017ish), before NCZ was added to the town before the makeover. All that was caused by trolls and impatient drivers.
  6. Whatever shows up next to my name. Blue leaf, i think. I'm not very active on the forum, despite being here for 6 years.
  7. The game was originally called ETS2MP (Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer). NCZ didn't exist at the time. There was no script enforcing headlights at night. Which mean you could of been reported for ghost driving. The first online video i recorded after buying in the 2015 holiday sale.
  8. I play on Sim 2. As a content creator, i mainly stick to CD. Idiots on the road is what i do. Every blue moon, i'll venture somewhere else on the map. Typically desolate and boring.
  9. Depends what i'm feeling like using. I have some presets saved. If you see me, that's my choice.
  10. ohh my condolence

  11. Going through a tough time rn. My beloved cat (Babycake) died. She was 4.5 years old.





  12. Posting my suggestion. The area needs a facelift to handle the amount of traffic. Other things that need to happen Settings are server side, not client side. With client, many are able to change what they want and it doesn't affect them. Driving test to get a license to join the server. No license, can't play on Simulation. Being banned revokes the license and requires a retest.
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