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  1. The lag could be slightly better if everyone wouldn't keep their beacons on in the CD area. It's already against the rules to use them in highly populated areas.
  2. I go for the one that has better fuel economy. Get the Goodyear Pack if you don't have it already. My Truck has a tank of about 3,500 miles. A beats D.
  3. As someone who has no friends, 1.41 is only preventing me from playing TMP.
  4. I drive at the speed limiter max. It's much faster and allows me to get to where i'm going in less time. Doesn't help when i'm in a congested area and there's 1 player going half the max.
  5. Way easier said then done. You could personally teach the game's most dangerous player and they wouldn't learn. Know the best solution? Treat your driving as if it was IRL. If you can't see the clear road ahead, don't chance it. Doesn't help when players driver like idiots.
  6. I've made a clip of it: here. I've done a search using "ats", "map", "scroll", "bug" and found 0 results. Basically, this is the bug i've been getting and only with ATS. ETS 2 did not have this bug. After installing ATS, i installed 2 mods, one that boosts xp and one that boosts money. After i got all skills and some money, i disabled them and loaded my save to continue there, for mp. But everytime i scroll the map, it won't scroll. I can zoom and set waypoints, but it won't let me scroll the map.
  7. What are your top 5 routes you love taking?
  8. That's what i did on my very first truck in 2016. Couldn't see the right side mirror so i added the hood mirror. Better then using F2 mirrors as that isn't realistic. Maybe i'll switch back to Peterbuilt.
  9. You could try using the CB. Either they won't be on your channel or they might not understand your language. Try textchat. The message shows so long as the player is in the tab list radius. Comes back to language and if they are paying attention down there. You also have to factor in Shape of the road Oncoming Traffic Divided Road or multi lane? Intersections/Active rail lines So long as you have the power to safely pass without affecting yourself, them, and oncoming traffic, you've done it safely. Just an FYI, you can change the dot colors in the tab list settings. Other players appear as white dots for me and friends are orange (not that i have any friends playing).
  10. Just got back into the game yesterday. Browsed through the new brands, Western Star, & International. After customizing, i adjusted the seat and i couldn't believe the seat can't even be moved back far enough to even see your left side mirrors.
  11. I hope Nevada will also get the same treatment as it's the last remaining state from the 2016 game (minus the revamp treatment it got).
  12. Taking a break from ETS 2 for some time.

  13. Exactly. No reward. Just crowded. DC only gets bans and Youtube Videos. Haven't been on ProMods, probably something similar. Haven't done Real Operations.
  14. And how would they encourage others to use it? Just because it's featured, doesn't mean that 50% of the server will go there. There has to be a way to reward players who choose to go that road. Maybe instead of 1 month, it could be 2 weeks for each road. Maybe also use DLC roads. If people want to go there, they can get the DLC.
  15. As the title says, there's a lot of us who have seen some wicked and crazy accidents. What would you consider to be at your number one spot? For me, i would say this one player with doubles was overtaking a few vehicles. But they didn't have enough room to merge over so they hit an oncoming vehicle and flew over the road.
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