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  1. Does Anywhere in Europe actually use Green Arrows like that? Also, Duisburg has been revamped so all that is pretty much useless now.

  2. Suggestion Name: Facelift: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liege, Europort. Suggestion Description: Updating these cities to make them more viable. Any example images: Yes. See Below. Why should it be added?: These areas are in dire need of a facelift. No one has any clue how long it will take SCS. At least give TMP the proper towns it deserves. An added facelift will revive these areas. Liege. Only way to access it is through 2 different highway exit ramps. Layouts of the town are squares. South Exit. North Exit. On map. Issues It's in Belgium, not Netherlands. Checked the map, there is no "A3" in Belgium. Actual identifiers are E25, E40, and E42 on the north side of the city. Rotterdam. A decently sized city in the game. Highway runs past to the south with 2 potentially dangerous crossings. In game. On map. Issues Highway junctions are not safe nor divided. A4 at A15: in game, on map. Doesn't feel much like a city. This was a problem area during the early days of ETS2MP. Before CD Road replaced it. Amsterdam. decently sized. 3 access points from 2 different highways. In game. On map. Issues Highways don't have safe junctions. Lacks a city feeling. Europort. Small area off a highway with 2 access roads. Layout. On map. Issues Not a highway junction. Has potential to be a functioning port area rather then passage for ferry. I realize it will take time and dedication from the asset team. These areas need a facelift and the payout will be worth it. Yes, there's ProMods.
  3. Loving the new Duisburg! 1 FPS in some areas. No more 2 hour waits to get out of the city.

  4. Reinstalling the game soon. Definitely want to see this.
  5. Won't see me there. Not a patron, nitro booster, or twitch sub.
  6. Putting the truck in park for some time.

  7. Video is processing. Song is Bad Decisions by Two Door Cinema Club that caused the blocked in UK. Video is processing and should be viewable within 48 hours.
  8. Suggestion Name: Duisburg Intersection Improvement Suggestion Description: Same as name. Why should it be added?: Traffic leaving Duisburg & Traffic coming in is a nightmare. Not only would this improve the flow of traffic. It would also extend the NCZ to where it's needed. As you can see here. This is leaving Duisburg. Right after the gas station and at the edge of the NCZ. It's a nightmare getting out and people don't know what driving is. People queue up before the NCZ. Adding the extra lane will improve traffic flow. This is my concept. The road becomes 2 lanes after the gas station. Extend the NCZ until the ramps (see concept). Remove the traffic light Have both ways be 2 lanes as it flies over CD Road. With a barrier between both sides and no shoulder on the ramp. Have a single lane road for paths not on this road. Placement can be adjusted. Concept gives rough idea of what should be done. The 2 lanes can go until the Calais intersection. (perhaps add dividers and keep it flowing like the concept map to prevent late mergers from cutting?). This should be a permanent solution since i doubt SCS is going to do anymore revamps in this area whenever they get around to Belgium.
  9. My POV for RO-13 is up. A lot of TruckersFM songs that played have gotten the video blocked in other countries ?


  10. I was finally able to attend my first event. Been banned or missed all the previous ones. Anyways, i liked the concept of it. Incorporate these into Simulation servers. I tried my best to follow the event map (i think a more detailed map should show the roads for larger scales like this one). Nothing happened on the highways. Majority of the gantry's were empty. A couple were showing ramp closed and a red X with no flashing lights. The only op's i came across were: Roadwork leaving Calais, Train derailment outside Brussels, Left lane closed in the hilly tunnel btwn Amsterdam & Rotterdam, and roadwork at an intersection outside Paris. Towards the end, someone claimed they knew where all the op's were because they had an admin friend send them the details. I also saw some police chases that only went through the Brussels-Lille Traffic Jam. Things that need to be improved on. This event felt more like Simulation 1 then an actual event. Make more stuff happen on the highways. In addition to the surface streets. I was expecting the signs to change on me, while driving, to make me have to adapt to it. Pull more players over. I believe the blog said "you may get pulled over". I even sped past a cop doing speed limiter on the highway, nothing. Have more police chases with random players then a small handful of pre-selected players.
  11. I go for the one that has better fuel economy. Get the Goodyear Pack if you don't have it already. My Truck has a tank of about 3,500 miles. A beats D.
  12. I drive at the speed limiter max. It's much faster and allows me to get to where i'm going in less time. Doesn't help when i'm in a congested area and there's 1 player going half the max.
  13. I've made a clip of it: here. I've done a search using "ats", "map", "scroll", "bug" and found 0 results. Basically, this is the bug i've been getting and only with ATS. ETS 2 did not have this bug. After installing ATS, i installed 2 mods, one that boosts xp and one that boosts money. After i got all skills and some money, i disabled them and loaded my save to continue there, for mp. But everytime i scroll the map, it won't scroll. I can zoom and set waypoints, but it won't let me scroll the map.
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