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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. If their trucks flips and they don't F7 then that's when the Game mods can either Kick or Teleport them away if the flipped truck decides to stay there. Any normal person would immidetly F7 if that were the case. Plus if they are turning in to the gas stations (On the other side of the road) they shouldn't be doing that. There's fuel stations on both sides if im correct so just use the one on their side of the road. Plus if they were decent enough and used triple trailers they would have enough fuel for their journey anyway. It's unrealistic anyway if there's loads of vehicles and they are trying to get to the fuel station on the other side of the road...
  3. At least kick the player or send them to a garage if he's not doing it on purpose. If it's intentional then kick first then ban after.
  4. Grozoth

    Game moderator

    I don't have friends who pay ETS OR TruckersMP so I guess no
  5. Every Lane switch, Turning into new roads, going into companies to do deliveries any time where I need to do a menevure I always use the signals. Kinda have to if there's other people around you. Not so much if there's no one but still do it to be safe
  6. It's always on and ready to clip if something were to happen. Gotta cover your back sometimes.
  7. I always have a recording of incidences so if someone were to break one or multiple rules set by the staff I just use the Truckers MP Website to report players. I have more success there then if I were to report them in game. I guess the Mods who have access to in game reports are either not online or are busy sorting out the traffic in the dense areas (Calais and Duisburg)
  8. I drive DAF euro 6 for normal haulage and I driver a Volvo FH16 for very heavy haulage. I love the interior for both and engines are decent for both as well.
  9. UK trucks are limited to 56mph/90kmh by law. Highway code though states that trucks are allowed to do 60 on motorways/dual carriageways (so then they don't have to stare at the speedo down hill with a 40t load not looking at the traffic..) and 50 in non dense single lane roads.. It's 60mph/95kmh for trucks brought from the EU from what I know. Probably already been told this since I am dumb and this was commented days ago XD OT: This update I think could work if the trolls decide to do arcade. If they want to troll in simulation at least then they won't be going as fast compared to what they were originally. Like 110MPH in a truck... Nah that's not realistic. I stick to my 56 for me please... Edit. Make one server like it was on EU2. Arcade rules with collisions on and have a warning pop up saying that collisions are on but driving rules do not apply. That means we still get the funny stuff we see on youtube and then you can speed off with your friends without a care in the world.
  10. It's mainly just the UI mod and the Graphics mod that I am mainly wanting. The others im not to bothered about. What I can do is just disable the ones I know are not allowed and go from there. Thanks for the link to the Mod thread as well. I must of looked at a different thread.
  11. Ok so I've had a look at the post regarding mods and all that I just wanted to get it confirmed since there's a couple which I am not too sure about.. If anyone can tell me what to disable then I will do that. I don't normally play with mods in game, just I just wanted to make sure that these are ok except a few I know I will be disabling. I know I will be disabling the Super Traffic mod since there isn't any traffic in multiplayer, it's just the others I am not to sure on. Thanks all
  12. So these "Cars" are you allowed then to act as a car without a trailer obviously. Are there normal colors without the Pilot paintjob or the Police paintjob? Because would love to drive a normal car. If not then it's cool.
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