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  1. So yeah my friend can't login in the launcher, it always says invalid password or email. on the website he can login fine. and it starting to really piss us off that we can't play anyone know why that could be?
  2. It is probably just the new paint job dlc that is making some problems atm, i find that keeping away from places with alot of people near it helps to not crash all the time
  3. yep i see my game just crashed again. but i realised it only crashes at places with alot of people. like Rotterdam and berlin but other places with less people my client was ok. so maybe try to avoid places with alot of people near it. kind of defeats the purpose of muliplayer dough ^^
  4. and it won't help anyone if you just write...
  5. i found a solution! just disable the christmas dlc in steam and it will reduce the crashes by ALOT


    So since this morning my game crashes every 2 minutes, and it's only in the mp it does it. i had to go into the singleplayer and deliver the trailer wich i then didn't get anything for because it was late, so why does the mp crash every 2 minutes. anyone got the same problem with a solution?
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