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    ETS 2 MP on linux

    The description makes it sound like bug 24754 in Wine. Try doing all the suggestions from the comments, primarily: $ winetricks d3dx9_36 or more generally: $ winetricks d3dx9 as well as others, such as applying patches to the source code that reportedly fix the issue. Just in case the fonts are unreadable only on the login screen, here is what is written there: Perhaps it will be fine when you log in?
  2. I greatly suspect that everyone who has ever thought of naming themselves Ebola, or Cancer, or Holocaust or what have you, come from prospering countries with good medicare and families that were lucky enough to never suffer from any such tragedy. Sadly, many of such people only get it when the disaster strikes and they suddenly learn that a mere mention of the name of the disaster can revitalize horrible memories and mental suffering. Ebola is a virus and NOT a living organism. At least get your facts straight if you ever want to be taken seriously by anyone with that immature bigotry of yours. P.S. And by the way, I invite you to look at the profile picture of who you are defending, before it gets replaced.
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