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  1. ArcticBliss has been released.

    Very nice update, we'll look forward to support for the Schwarzmüller DLC.
  2. ArcticBliss

    No -homedir in

    Hello Devs, Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: The -homedir doesn't appear to be working anymore. I have used it for quite a while, both in the Steam Library's "Properties" for ETS2 ("start settings", translated to English) and in the MP client's desktop icon (in the "Destination" line IIRC). I've moved ETS2's userfolder from C: to D: to unclutter and keep gaming files more collected. How to reproduce: Add "-homedir D:\ProgramData" to the desktop shortcut's "Destination" line. No result change in client behaviour. Screenshots / Videos: None. Kind regards and happy dev'ing and trucking. -ArcticBliss Edit: Bug submission format now used. Edit 2: This issue also influences mods. MP Wintermod can't be enabled when outside C:\.
  3. ArcticBliss has been released.

    Very nice, not everyone drives with all windows open.
  4. ArcticBliss

    POSPED B.Bystrika (SK) - Collision

  5. ArcticBliss

    0.1.2 Bug with truck and trailer.

    Just chiming in here, I've seen that too and the same goes for some of my friends. There doesn't seem to be any ill effects per se, but if you´re in a bad situation that need reporting such a name clutter would do little to help. OT: Liara.
  6. ArcticBliss

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    There's the EU#2 server for that.
  7. ArcticBliss

    Woman parks a tractor

  8. ArcticBliss

    Danskere, rapportér!

    Ja, det er det faktisk.
  9. ArcticBliss

    Danskere, rapportér!

    Jeg kan da lige give lyd fra mig. Jeg er godt nok fra de mere arktiske egne af rigsfællesskabet, men har boet her sydpå i mange år.
  10. ArcticBliss

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    Still no dice. Still gets validation error after getting the "latest r3". Maybe the validation servers (?) are overloaded? Cheers.
  11. ArcticBliss

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

    It still says "r3" on the main page though?
  12. Hi Eryk, I have sent you a PM here and sent a friend request on Steam. I hope this will be sorted "soon". Thanks for looking into this. Cheers.