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  1. Anyone else's MP crashing in the logon screen?

  2. It gets on my nerves when people start complaining about when 1.38 update will be released. Software takes time to perfect unless you want to enjoy bugs and glitches.

    1. S U P Я Ξ M Ξ

      S U P Я Ξ M Ξ

      please be patient ;) please. You can play another game. :D

    2. S U P Я Ξ M Ξ

      S U P Я Ξ M Ξ

      Yes I'm playing ETS2MP but I'm playing CS-GO while I'm waiting 1.38

    3. VortexHauler


      I always never update my ETS2 game as I know MP will not be updated to the latest version. To be honest, I enjoy driving everywhere on the map on 1.37, even to places I've been like thousands of times in Scandinavia  and UK.

  3. 1 oh no Killua I never should've never created that status reply in the first place
  4. Will we ever reach the number 20 in the Players vs staff forum game? I will never know...😅

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