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  1. Dang, things has changed since 2015..

  2. Hm... A lot changed since last time I were here...

    1. BarryGB


      When was the last time? :P

    2. 96AV


      A lot of things .. :mlg_doge:

  3. My issue is that I've changed my username on all the other games I play to "Tor_Laws" but I can't figure out how to change it here. Help would be appreciated.
  4. Start up ETS2:ES again please...

  5. Today i have birthday!

  6. Hello all there.

  7. That are beacuse. All admins or other staff.Will not YOU mod the game. so you are not allowed to mod the game.
  8. I am back Online in the game :D

    1. Tor_Laws


      Thanks i play on eu 2 now ;D

  9. I love your mods but that is not any download link
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