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  1. Hmm weird then upgrade back... my brain has been melted right now !
  2. Theres the problem , have you ever tried to park your trailer , and it goes bit wrong?, and it shows up for a sec Click T to get rid of your load , then if you move accidentally it 1 cm, it dissapeares , he has the same problem , its not a bug, its confirmed already from ets2mp Moderation team, only problem here is his parking !
  3. well, from now i dont have any idea, whats the problem
  4. ^Can't be because look at hes trailer compared location to unloading point... its parked really wrong...
  5. Try to install ets2mp to different folder !
  6. Yeap, you're actually right ! sorry its my sleepy head ! but i gave him right guideance whenever he sees it !
  7. Atleast i have that on and my game runs ! I belive it might be the problem wha tdoesnt let you to play !
  8. Make sure you have the latest version of ets2 and 2) have you downloaded the latest update of ets2mp from ETS2MP homepage?, try to uninstall current ets2mp and reinstall it again!
  9. I saw this guy asking for help, because he cant complete hes delivery, at the start i looked that hes not parked right, but after looking at the picture again you can see 2 unloading points, so it might be the bug with new update?, so far i havnt done any deliveries by myself, or haven't heared from anyone about that bug. But you can take look at it from this Link: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/19274-load-triller/
  10. Glad to hear that you got it fixed! Good luck on your jounries, safe trucking!
  11. Yeah try it maybe it helps!, but in singleplayer there wont be any trailers stacking into eatcother!, you're the only one who sees the trailers in companies and they wont spawn into eatch others , you're only taking the trailer which you see ! But good luck on that try, i hope it helps!
  12. Well, i had exact same problem i just changed the install folder and workss , after new update, new folder xD, or else just wont work says the same error...
  13. try just to install ets2mp into another directory... It might help... I had similar error! Just add random number infront of install folder!, atleast it helps me with that error!
  14. But try to take 1 trailer in singleplayer and go to sleep then ! But the trailers flying around is usual from the last update, its SCS problem, and came over to MP , but still havent encountered this trailer bug with hours , you need to get used with flying trailers , i was once driving clamly in city when i got hit in the face with my own trailer from the company , laughed myself almoust half
  15. Try going to singleplayer and sleep, because changing economy and sleeping is disabled while in Multiplayer , it might help! And you're having so much time because If you might get kicked from the server while afk you could join back in and get your trailer, ofcourse not when you will be online next day, but in 5-6 mins...! And as well MP and SP times have HUUGE Difference!
  16. You should just rerty reinstalling ets2 from steam , and reinstalling ets2mp after that !, it would help faster
  17. When i had this problem I just installed the multiplayer into another directory Example: Euro Truck Simulator 21 Then it worked for me, but I'm not sure if it was the same error, it was bit time ago, but worth trying!
  18. You need to park your trailer more propperly , untill lines turn green ! then release the trailer! EDIT: Looking at the picture again, seems like theres somehow bugged unloading zone... You're having 2 of Unloading zones somewhy.. Try to park into another unloading marked point , maybe that helps! If not then sadly you need to delice your delivery! Your truck must be behind the 1st line as well atleast when im always parking my trailer is in trailer line and my truck behind the first line!
  19. hmm, wich mod are you trying to use?, mod's well most of them doesn't work in ETS2MP
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