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  1. It would cause lag if everyone used it but at the same time you would get trolls who would basically hog it all of the time. Then people like you who really wanted it would never get a chance to use it. I get where your coming from but any feature that is added should be almost troll proof or at least to a certain degree. Otherwise it would increase admins work load with people complaining, "People are hogging it"

    I know, but people actually have right to use it must be members of ETS2MP... like rank of "Media team" or something releated to it.


    It could be classed as unfair though if very few at one time are allowed to do this. Many might find it useful but all of those people wouldn't be able to do it if so few players could use it at once. Then you would get people who would on purpose 'hog' it all of the time when they are on. Even if there is a time out of some sort after a certain amount of time they could easily grab it again if they were fast enough so that other people might never get to use it.


    True, But If anyone could use it like before is told it will cause lagg! because everyone will see all truck on the map, and the vision wont be using for joking and stuff, it will be used to record events.

  3. But how can you tell who is genuine and who is not? The lag it could bring would also create more crashes ect.. making people more inaccurate with their driving.

    Well, first off there should only be couple of players who could do this only 2-3..

  4. The visibility is fine how it is at the moment. I've never had a problem with not being able to view further. As long as you keep alert, it won't be a problem for anyone. 'Trusted' players could still troll.

    Well, It's still clear that they can troll, but then everyone sees who trolls, Still name is visible, and you can report him. Thats every simple.  The visibility for driving is absolutely fine, but if you want to record convoys, you have to always make 10000 savegames along the route. But If there, be way to use that vision it would be a lot easier to record convoys.

  5. If you want to advertise something,  You should be the good-looking flawless gem because you are the one who makes the first impression to the potential players

    Since I'm the estonian community leader I haven't anyone as well looking for my impressions... And I do not have any reckless driving or abusive language in my videos. As well i cant be the one who will get judged if newcomers start trolling... And like owl said shouldn't In game admins and moderators be clean with ban history?, and as well Support members only read the title and then comment... 


    Sorry man, really that is as well already wrong...


    And nobody is "Mr.Right".

  6. 1. Ban is from Abusive Admin.


    2. Of the ban was prettymuch on joke base.


    3. yeah Everybody had temper when they were younger. It doesnt mean all the people remain the same untill death... Don't judge book by its cover. [False report is same as 3rd warning].





    1. The moderator "called it spamming because of i typed into the forum 3 different posts" and "if you want it to be a company..." .. WUT?... Isn't clear english needed to be a moderator?


    2. Warning was for claiming "Video as my own" but as i wrote into the forum before that "I didnt claim it as my own" Still got warning for it.


    3. warning was for my temper as i wrote the complain message and it came badly out, and other stuff what i don't want to reveal at the moment.




    If you want to advertise something,  You should be the good-looking flawless gem because you are the one who makes the first impression to the potential players


    Oh lets see, Am i gonna be salesman for the game?, and gonna sell it online, and as well you wanna say that "person" who has been judged before cant get a job?... Man... Stop judging "books" by cover.


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  7. ^So You say for advertising....Any example for People who would do that? Actually ...Are YOU willing to do that?

    I'm Doing it daily... 2-3 videos a day :)

    -1 i personally have no issues with current visibility.

    Yes, but read whole text its not for "Regular" players :), Its for people who record convoys other events! seperate "Rank"



    Edit: I like the way how Forum members judge post by "Title" Especially Support members...

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  8. More visibility means more the server has to process for every client, and for players it means more lag and ram hogging. And what's the point of getting more than 500m? 



    I'm thinking loud: What if there is such a big event like EP Closing? Over 100 people will watch then. Will it create lagg? I think so, it still loads your there, i assume. If there will be 100+ people because of this in a city like Rotterdam, it will result in unplayable lagg, where you have to wait 5 seconds before the other screen...

    So meh, i don't like the idea.

     Guys I don't mean like its for everyone... IT will be available for only certain number of players who record and advertise game daily...

  9. i asked about this once


    after 500m all trucks vanish because the servers can't cope spawning every single truck into the game

    Yes but admins can see whole server players :), as they fly around with dev camera :), for normal players after 500m trucks dissapear

  10. Suggestion Name: More visibility than 500 Meters for Seperate Rank players

    Suggestion DescriptionHey, I started wondering about longer range visibility as I'm doing very huge part of this game media, advertising. While recording Convoys I have to always make savegames along the route to record the convoy. Yes I'm aware that "Admins" have it and I already know that when admin goes 500+meters away from his truck with that vision his truck turns invisible. Well I have suggestion, as I'm speaking for many people who are doing Recordings...


    Is it possible to make special "Rank" for trusted players who can use vision for game advertisement purpose (Recording)? 


    Sepcially I know many people who have bought ETS2MP thanks to my videos and As I'm the leader of Estonian community part of ETS2MP!


    Example: In game rank "Media Team" without any special markings who has the same vision as admin but doesn't have any commands to kick or to teleport or to ban...


    Well, guys let me know what you think about it  :)!

    Any example images:  -

    Why should it be added?(It would be alot easier to record convoys without making savegames and dont have to be parked on the side of the roads!, or when There is Trafficjam at Europort, I can't be there cos of the rules "It'll make other players lagg as many players are parked at EP" [Everyone would love to watch it how it piles up and how long it will be]) Well there could be special rank for players that record and upload videos daily. 

  11. Having same thing :=), wont be able to move on at all, well in that case im trying to put my reverse on, or just restarting the game, and everything is allright!

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