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  1. Streaming again with couple of Buds Estonian/English stream atm :P no facecam. Come Say Hello.


  2. Streaming again with couple of Buds Estonian/English stream atm :P no facecam.


  3. Live With a friend, Estonian/English stream.


  4. Testing my livestream after  a long time, need to fix CPU.


  5. Driving with friend :P come hop by and say hello :P



  6. What's more sensible?, to add 100 videos to a topic or as a status update? what you think guys :D


    As from my view: i'd create a topic, but some moderators think it would be better as a status update, and if i do upload my videos to my status i would probably get warned for status update spam, since mostly i upload 5 - 10 videos at once, about longer convoys, as example "H64" and they get uploaded by different times not all once.

  7. Back Live @ancona tollbooth! New Overlay.


  8. Back Live @ancona tollbooth! After some offline time, fixing Cpu Crashes.


    1. MarkON





    2. CrowEdits [ConvoyCCTV]

      CrowEdits [ConvoyCCTV]

      soon back live :P im going for some drive :P


  9. Toll Camera [LIVESTREAM] @ancona #onetruckfamily. After minor fixes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBXhM0d7yFQ

  10. Back live @ancona #onetruckfamily. After minor fixes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBXhM0d7yFQ

  11. live @ancona #onetruckfamily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBXhM0d7yFQ

  12. Okay i get it its by their scale, i love the nature in the dlc, but still how would you feel if you would live in baltic and you waited for dlc for YEARS, and it comes out made as tiny as possible and SO wrong, cities are just couple of tiny buildings, what are in real life big, roads that I enjoy trucking in real, apx take 1h valga - Tartu or 4h valga tallinn , etc. They couldve atldast rescale a baltic map since everyone knows baltic is small but not so small that you do a circle in 40 minutes, and they call it a biggest expansion.. maybe, but if you look italy or france its bigger in any possible way. Roads, distance, cities. Im really dissapointed that it took them for over almodt a year to release and work on dlc and couldnt bit rescsle the baltic regions, while they know baltic are small, they just gave us about 40 mins more driving time, randomly placed buildings and just big dissapointment for baltic region community!
  13. in my opinion its worst so far sadly, Its my home country, and it makes me angry to see all cities mashed up, located wrong, having couple of buildings , they couldve added some more buildings atleast or make roads bit longer. not to 1:1 just it looks so bad that you drive Trough country like empty papersheet that has couple of cardboard boxes standing on it.... I'm not alone one that opinion most of Baltic community behind our last trip wanted to take take puke break after convoyign through baltic states to russia.
  14. Where do you guys read it out that im saying i want 1:1 :D, im telling you these just are not cities and those are not roads to cities since they're more like offramps from highways to cities and cities have like 10 houses in baltic, and they call them cities, other objects are just 2D house cardboards lol. back in the distance. I'm just Discussing about the DLC not Complaining. In my opinon its the worst choise to just add shzz ton of cities really close to eatchothers and just 10 CM long roads between each city and call it biggest expansion. I feel bit offended over years waiting and now just that mindf....t... I do know that some SCS team members do play ETS2MP and are part of thiscommunity, wishing someone would step up and have nice cosy discussion with me, without anger or hate, just discussion.
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