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  1. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Okay i get it its by their scale, i love the nature in the dlc, but still how would you feel if you would live in baltic and you waited for dlc for YEARS, and it comes out made as tiny as possible and SO wrong, cities are just couple of tiny buildings, what are in real life big, roads that I enjoy trucking in real, apx take 1h valga - Tartu or 4h valga tallinn , etc. They couldve atldast rescale a baltic map since everyone knows baltic is small but not so small that you do a circle in 40 minutes, and they call it a biggest expansion.. maybe, but if you look italy or france its bigger in any possible way. Roads, distance, cities. Im really dissapointed that it took them for over almodt a year to release and work on dlc and couldnt bit rescsle the baltic regions, while they know baltic are small, they just gave us about 40 mins more driving time, randomly placed buildings and just big dissapointment for baltic region community!
  2. B4DB0Y12

    Best places in the Baltic sea DLC

    entering to Riga, the water powerlant near it
  3. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    in my opinion its worst so far sadly, Its my home country, and it makes me angry to see all cities mashed up, located wrong, having couple of buildings , they couldve added some more buildings atleast or make roads bit longer. not to 1:1 just it looks so bad that you drive Trough country like empty papersheet that has couple of cardboard boxes standing on it.... I'm not alone one that opinion most of Baltic community behind our last trip wanted to take take puke break after convoyign through baltic states to russia.
  4. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Where do you guys read it out that im saying i want 1:1 :D, im telling you these just are not cities and those are not roads to cities since they're more like offramps from highways to cities and cities have like 10 houses in baltic, and they call them cities, other objects are just 2D house cardboards lol. back in the distance. I'm just Discussing about the DLC not Complaining. In my opinon its the worst choise to just add shzz ton of cities really close to eatchothers and just 10 CM long roads between each city and call it biggest expansion. I feel bit offended over years waiting and now just that mindf....t... I do know that some SCS team members do play ETS2MP and are part of thiscommunity, wishing someone would step up and have nice cosy discussion with me, without anger or hate, just discussion.
  5. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    yeah i do get you :), but again like we use to say you cant learn to truckdriver, you must be born for it. I know theres the wording another way in another sentence, but the true is what truckdrivers say, most of bad and drunk driving is caused by problems in personal life of truckers, releated to families, and most accidents of baltic trucks happen cause of greedy comapny owners. Like last time in Austria My truck broke middle of trafficjam cause of Clutch Disc, since company left it uncontrolled or the owner was knowing and did not change since the truck was bought from used trucks and owner shouldve done full check in service, as well my truck was showing 100% clutch, nothing was gone and did not warn me at all about it. Even limp home mode did not work, there i stood in middle of highway with hazzard lights untill trafficmanagers and firedpt towed me off to a nearest parking lot.
  6. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Theres even Man Truck Service they skipped out! xD And after rõngu theres only about 1 min drive to TARTU ... its absolute nonsense. you can drive around baltic states about 30 mins. possibly included russian part and finland + 15 min. 40 minutes of driving = Biggest expansion. yeah, right, you wont drive from Bologna to Catania in 40 in ets lol. TOO SMALL.
  7. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    dont say that "Worst are from baltic" I'm from baltic, and my dad and my granddad were truckdrivers, and many my good friends are truck drivers and they are good drivers, but its the Logistics and contracts what make trucks haul ass. No matter where are you from.
  8. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    They do not look nothing a like.
  9. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Yea i do get what ur saying but they're nothing at all like it should be NOTHING they look like day and night
  10. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Don't worry bro, we do not have such speedlimit issues, but, its probably Due too many cities and small villages on the road, but otherwise its just improvised by the SCS with speedlimits. And even if you do chase reallity i can give you a secret, mostly NONE of truckdrivers drive by speedlimit, since the contract time and logistics haulin theyr ass + wantign to get home faster makes them drive all the time 90kmh. Even in latvia and Lithuania there is limit 70 but they still houl 90 kmh trough.
  11. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    weird so far if its trying to outline Industrial sectors, why doesn't any match with real life places totally at all and how promods make accurate maps with couple of months and they cant handle the map with almost with over the year :D, it does not have to perfect but it could atleast look somewhat similar but it does not look nothing like cities i have ever seen in baltic ! they have made me so confused with cities that i wont even know wheres something lol :D! if you'd be from baltic you would get it its nothing like baltic at all. Only similarity i found was in riga, the rigan water powerplant right next to riga, but most of the roads and places are too mixed up to understand where it might be or how it would look like none of the cities look like city, they're all mostly small villages with 10 to 15 houses max in estonia and they skipped out "Valga" it has many great and known companies in europe , "Gomab Mööbel" "Atria Lihatööstus" (Gomab Furniture as example to rename it something else and Atria Meatfactory" , those are well known to Germany.
  12. B4DB0Y12

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Well Its good to know that they listen to the community but it isnt fair that they release "DLC" what so ever HAS city names but cities wont remind at ALL any city in BALTIC Countries so far, just couple of houses and just as a small village, thats redicioulos, that they think baltic cities are just a some sort of villages.
  13. Hello guys, I'm back the famous CCTV and fun dude. I'm today sharing my experience with the latest DLC. Since I'm now in real life truck driver and frequent Driver on the baltic Trasse to germany and austria. Feeling really disgusted by the DLC since Most of the key cities from the Baltic city is gone as Example: Estonia: Valga , Its known for as Gate to europe for Estonians and many other Drivers, and has about same amount of traffic as well "IKLA" they're 2 keypoints what shouldve been marked on the Baltic DLC for estonia, 2. All estonian Cities as pushed too together. 3. None of cities are even close to regognize them. 4. from Dev console you can see from Tallinn to Tartu... Its not normal. Latvia: Latvias Key Border city and Tollgate. Tollgate is really poorly made, "Pauska" city wich is the latvias key Border to EUROPE , and most of the traffic flows trough there. 2. Most of latvias territory is pushed too together, just like estonia. Lithuania: You exit Lithuania right to RIGA city... WHAT THE TRUCK? Only way i should enjoy driving through map is about 50kmh to feel the drive, since if i push petal to the metal and driver 90kmh and follow city limits, its only about 5 min drive from 1 city to another. Reallyreally poorly made map for its price and making time. Since most of promods maps are made in couple of months, and they look Gorgeous, i suggest using ProMods Baltic map but its not enabled in MP. So don't be suprised if you see more Baltic drivers driving down the speed limit since driving within speedlimit makes you go trough Baltic in 10 mins, I feel really disgusted. They should've done some rescaling about baltic countries. Yes they are small but that not so small that you drive from Kaunas to Tallinn in 10 minutes. Very Dissapointed in Baltic DLC, Years of waiting down the drain. As well i know many of you guys might like the dlc, I'm not saying you shouldn't like the DLC, but for Baltic people, The DLC is really Bad, and missing A lot of chunks of real road, and having too many of nonsenses on the road what really does not EXIST. I do like only the nature whats associated with Baltic Nature and many country roads, but still they are too short, most between city distances are smaller than Rotterdam and amsterdam drive, it makes me sad, that i wasted money and hyping time on this map. Sad that nowdays is SCS all about money.
  14. Happy birthday :)

  15. Streaming Good music to truck with! :3