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  1. You will need to change your display steam name in order to change the display name.


    Can my SteamID and/or Steam Account Name be changed?
    Your SteamID and Steam Account Name can not be changed, even by Steam Support staff members. Your Steam Community ID can be changed at any time in your Steam Community settings, under "Edit my SteamID page".
  2. ^


    As of May 23, 2015, before posting a new topic regarding the advertisement of a Virtual Trucking Company, the Company must achieve the following requirements:

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  3. With TNet, you cannot use .PHP links. You need to talk the person who hosts your website to add something to the .HTaccess if it is apache.


    You basically need to make the website think it is a PNG image.


    EG: Nginx -


    rewrite "^/([0-9]+)/signature.png$" /directory_to_php_file.php?id=$1 last;

    EG: Apache - 


    RewriteRule  ^/([0-9-]+)/signature.png?$    /directory_to_php_file.php?id=$1
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  4. Unban Appeal

    Your In-game name when banned:



    Why you should be unbanned?:

    After 6 months of a not being able to play the multiplayer, I feel it is time I made this appeal. Previously I was banned from the multiplayer for releasing private information from a private chat. "Kicked from team, spreading private chats to public.". I do accept this, I sent a conversation between RootKiller and I, to another administrator, Dion. I fully apologise for the actions and I feel that it was completely unnecessary to release this information to the administrator. 


    I feel that with my prior history of assisting the community for over 2 years and also having almost every rank within the multiplayer structure, I would be allowed another chance to be part of the multiplayer again. I'm always on the forums trying to help out as much as I can and with the ever expanding multiplayer world I feel that I'm lacking the experience of the newer updates as I am unable to play.


    I've been an active member of the community since the beginning, I've even helped write some of the multiplayer information such as the Mod Description on ETS2MP Mod DB page and I've even helped stop different issues within the multiplayer such as the great traffic jam (One guy blocking had an entire road junction blocked from traffic) and the initial "remove the speed limiter" conversations, oh and I helped set up these new forums.


    I hope you accept this ban appeal as a form of apology for my previous actions and I hope they can be put into the past.


    Thank you for reading.


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