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  1. Having A Report Video Taken Down

    Sendvid R.I.P I guess its back to YT or Plays.tv for me
  2. What's your worst TMP moment of 2016-2017

    My worst moment happened not so long ago, after completing over 1,000 miles and avoiding the main C-D road... I had to complete my delivery in Duisburg, upon turning into the main city access road... Well see for yourselves As you can imagine it was a frustrating 200 Yards lol I decided to complete the delivery later that day once the server numbers decreased.
  3. London Attacks Convoy 11.06.17

    +1 #Pray4London
  4. TruckersMP #PrayForManchester Convoy 28/05/2017

    #PrayForManchester - I will be there
  5. Released

    Thank you for your hard work guys
  6. Videos from Multiplayer

    Some Footage Of How To Handle A Top Heavy Load... Lets Just Hope They Weren't Eggs
  7. Wrong TruckersMP ID

    Hmmm Now Dont I Feel Stupid, Thank You Both For Your Fast Response... Thread Can Be Closed Thank You Again
  8. Wrong TruckersMP ID

    Hi Guys, Im wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem or its an isolated incident, But i made my first report earlier and after recording the incident and getting the /pinfo from the game server I made the report only to find the perpetrators name was different to the one in my video. Now i know this report is going to fail due to the difference in names but the ID's match perfectly Screenshots: Thanks For Your Input.. Happy trucking
  9. has been released.

    Thank You For All Your Hard Work Guys
  10. Screenshots!

    Volvo FH16 Stobart Livery Of My Daughters Name
  11. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    My Scania R520 V8 J-Spec 520HP V8 For Heavy Haul Over The Alps (Regular Route)