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  1. I am 34, With a full driving licence and try to follow as many "real world" traffic laws as i can. I'm not going to get into the argument of how old I feel as my other half said I'm 34 going on 54 (mental maturity) but what does she know ...
  2. Completed on the 12th (with work and family commitments)
  3. I personally prefer company trailers as there is much more variety of size and weight, but it depends on the frame of mind I'm in as to what type of trailer I haul. I am a personal fan of heavy/special haul (the bigger, the better) but I never drive/waste fuel with empty trailers unless its to pickup a load (from the next city furthest).
  4. @MarkON Thanks for the information on the random road events but I have had these turned off for a good while now as I learned about these being invisible the hard way on a highway/freeway . I have been back on since and done a few loads, trying to take the same/similar routes with the hitbox enabled so i can see if it is a genuine bug or just a one-time event. Sorry for the slow reply but family and work take most of my spare time these days. Happy Trucking People!
  5. Will do that now, didn't think to collect data for the developer(s) but the two videos were across the other side of the map from each other from what I can remember. @RootKiller If/When this type of incident happens again I will collect all the data I can and would it be suitable to create a ticket over something like this? At the moment I thought I'd just share my experience and to see how common it is.
  6. HI guys, Firstly, sorry about the vague title but I can't really explain it any other way. A few months ago I posted onto a topic involving the trailer cooling unit making contact with the rear of the truck/tractor in the hope I could have caught it on video. Unfortunately, I have not come across this issue since. However, over the past few days, I have two videos below that show me colliding with invisible objects in two different locations. I checked my surroundings for random traffic incidents (cars and people on the side of the road), road signs, concrete dividers, etc...) but as you will be able to see, I cannot see anything that would cause such an impact. Anyway, Let's see what you guys think, Comments below.
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  8. I have experienced this issue a couple of times, I can't remember what trailer(s) I had attached but it was definitely an identical experience to yours. I will try the trailer you have mentioned as I'm also using a Scania S (2nd Gen) with the same chassis config, I'll record my gameplay so we can compare situations. If it is the cooling unit, it should be evident within the video by looking at the articulation angle of the tractor/trailer. But thank you for highlighting this as I thought it may have been my mistake (collision or chassis beach).
  9. Sendvid R.I.P I guess its back to YT or Plays.tv for me
  10. My worst moment happened not so long ago, after completing over 1,000 miles and avoiding the main C-D road... I had to complete my delivery in Duisburg, upon turning into the main city access road... Well see for yourselves As you can imagine it was a frustrating 200 Yards lol I decided to complete the delivery later that day once the server numbers decreased.
  11. Thank you for your hard work guys
  12. Hmmm Now Dont I Feel Stupid, Thank You Both For Your Fast Response... Thread Can Be Closed Thank You Again
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