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  1. Hi, Thank you as I have wondered this many times myself. I've always thought it was a grey area for ruling? @Dominik [SK]I understand like you say "but you have to know drive with triple." meaning we are still if not even more susceptible to breaking the rules of blocking if getting trailers caught or even reckless driving for needing to take corners wider and straying into oncoming lanes maybe causing a collision (Hypothetically) but is this triples allowed a uniform rule across all moderators/staff? Happy trucking.
  2. I have been playing pretty much since the start of multiplayer and loving all the hard work the team has put in to the mod and continue to do so. Member since: 07 Feb 2015 17:33 GMT ETS2 Hours: 1,625 (80-90% TMP) Thanks guys and happy trucking.
  3. I am 34, With a full driving licence and try to follow as many "real world" traffic laws as i can. I'm not going to get into the argument of how old I feel as my other half said I'm 34 going on 54 (mental maturity) but what does she know ...
  4. Completed on the 12th (with work and family commitments)
  5. I personally prefer company trailers as there is much more variety of size and weight, but it depends on the frame of mind I'm in as to what type of trailer I haul. I am a personal fan of heavy/special haul (the bigger, the better) but I never drive/waste fuel with empty trailers unless its to pickup a load (from the next city furthest).
  6. Thank you for your hard work guys
  7. Hmmm Now Dont I Feel Stupid, Thank You Both For Your Fast Response... Thread Can Be Closed Thank You Again
  8. Hi Guys, Im wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem or its an isolated incident, But i made my first report earlier and after recording the incident and getting the /pinfo from the game server I made the report only to find the perpetrators name was different to the one in my video. Now i know this report is going to fail due to the difference in names but the ID's match perfectly Screenshots: Thanks For Your Input.. Happy trucking
  9. My Scania R520 V8 J-Spec 520HP V8 For Heavy Haul Over The Alps (Regular Route)
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