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  1. Does this mean i can keep my lights? i don't see how it's being abused sens i see non save edited truck with more leds than me. Only have 6 on the bottom and 4 on the top on the bull bar. i don't have any other thing on it.
  2. i'm kind of getting it now. But something is wrong here... this rule is confusing me??? If this rule is right, i'll leave them on BUT If it's not right, i'll take them off. at the min i'll take them off in till this we get this sorted out.
  3. Now i'm getting confused about my lights on my bull bar? Does anyone now if it's allowed or not ? The rules say: that's it's allowed ????? It's not allowed to place beacons and large horns on bullbars/bumpers/sun visors. Normal beacons are allowed only on the roof and on the roof bars. LED beacons are permitted where allowed by default, while NORMAL LED lights can also be placed on bullbars and roof bars.
  4. Are the lights on the bulbar ok? I've been using these lights for like with i started MP.
  5. My lights arn't allowed anymore ? and my sec was was a Man TGX same thing as my other one but it has a 6x4.
  6. I've started out with a Man TGX 4x2, LX cabin. Would put my Second truck but cant get the file size right and you might have a feeling what it might look like and porblemly posted it in the wrong area didn't I?
  7. Can you put two colors on the same tag? Example: like you can put (Slow) in Black and (Mo) in Orange?
  8. Well now it's fixed now so you maybe lock this topic now.
  9. I know that i have one already made. If you have a RMD but the players around you don't have one they crash. The dev's should look into this one it's caught Error Fatal's. I can see why it hasn't realy been reported seens there is a low player count. If someone took a RMD if you where going towards the player who has a RMD your game will crash but it's fine if you had a RMD too but then you will make others to crash who doesn't have one too.
  10. I knew something was wrong when everyone was crashing then disappearing when i had a RMD :/
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