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  1. Well now it's fixed now so you maybe lock this topic now.
  2. I know that i have one already made. If you have a RMD but the players around you don't have one they crash. The dev's should look into this one it's caught Error Fatal's. I can see why it hasn't realy been reported seens there is a low player count. If someone took a RMD if you where going towards the player who has a RMD your game will crash but it's fine if you had a RMD too but then you will make others to crash who doesn't have one too.
  3. I Verify Integrity of Game files. Then I launched ATS i stayed on the Main screen. Like the screen where you load save games at. Wait for it to freeze i let the game up for about 30 mins and it's still frozen. What should i do?
  4. Have anyone had this error i cant play the game with out it the video freezes then the sound keeps going then i'm like driving blind. This does it on ETS 2 , ATS , and my other games. I have to Alt Ctrl to get to desktop and close the game. I have no idea how to fix this to get my games to run with out it freezing.
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