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  1. Website information regarding compatibility

    Hi there, Currently we have a topic that lists DLCs that we do and do not support, however it needs slightly updating...
  2. Ingame Admin Status Icon

    Hi there, We don't wish to show when there is admins online as it will encourage trolls to do their work when admins aren't online. All it also takes is for any person to tell a troll if someone is online or not. For this reason, I am going to reject your suggestion. Thank you.
  3. in-game rank system

    Hi there, The only rank that exists in-game is as to whether someone has "Admin Permission" and ranks aren't actually fetched in-game until an admin logs in. Also, veteran ranks are a forum only thing, they will not be moved to the website or anything similar. For that reason, I am now rejecting your suggestion.
  4. (Auto) Remove new suggestions older than 3 months

    Hi there, I am rejecting this suggestion as we are now going through suggestions. Thanks.
  5. TruckersMP Team

    [TRANSLATOR] @ThatCrazyPillow transfers to Forum Moderator
  6. problem is I only have his ats username his id in MP isn't showing up I guess he isn't getting banned  dangit that kid is getting away with it

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      You should make a post in the help section and not post on this profile. Your also probably reporting the ingame ID rather than the player ID

    2. Caernage




      Answer given by @DJ Jefferz

      and please, don't post others status update on profiles about that otherwise a warn can be issued.


      Thank you for your understanding



  7. chris I want someone banned.   his name is  lama man  he purposely rammed me and honked  at me for a hour my truck stopped working  there is a underscore so its LLama_man   

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kevtheboss101


      3 damage to my trailer 29 to my truck @ChrisPatrol

      this is ATS not ETS

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      If you "need" someone banned, collect the necessary evidence and make a report against the person in the report system like everyone else. Please do not message staff members directly to ask them to ban someone. That's not how it works:

    4. Caernage


      Correct answer has been given by @Mike Dragon , thanks, i'll give you 5€ :troll:



  8. Hi... Pleas unban... 

    1. RequieB


      Talking about bans in Forum is against the rules


      Please follow the instructions below regarding what to do next:

      You should appeal your ban if you disagree with it. You can do this using the following link:

      If you should need help in doing this, please take a look here:

      If, after you've appealed, still disagree with your ban, or have a complaint, you need to send a message via our feedback system, explained your situation in as much detail as possible. The following topic should help you in doing this:





  9. hi, me is problem, i want call off ban i cant who me need to do

    1. [UA_WEST] Yura

      [UA_WEST] Yura

      hello, please write an appeal

    2. BigLarge


      You can not appeal your game ban here and you can not share it.Please use to this url for appeal :
       If you feel that your ban appeal is not handled correctly, contact

      The guide below shows how to use the ban appeal system.


      Please read this manual to communicate with the upper staff.


    3. RequieB


      Appropriate answer has been given



  10. hi, i saw someone driving over 90 on server EU1 and reported while still on tour. i requested an explanation why it´s possible to drive faster than 90 and all i got was " no speedhacking" - this is NOT what i expect from a game moderator and a "full explanation". i found out later that it´s actually possible to drive up to 110 in freight market offers but it would be great if game moderators would actually read the comments in reports and reply with more than the short version if a long version is requested.


    example of an answer i would have accepted:


    "thanks for report but freight market´s speed is not limited to 90 but 110 on server EU1"


    1. JeffSFC


      Please use feedback to describe your problem. Please provide any necessary information to make your case there. :)

  11. please look appeals -_-:P

    1. Caernage




      Dear @User_1502712,


      You should wait. Please be patient and don't make uselessly a status like that, we're humans, we're not a machine / robot :) .


      Thank you for your understanding.



  12. gg Chris - TFM welcome ChrisPatrol

  13. Forum Moderator recruitment ( 17/03/2018 - 30/04/2018 )

    Recruitment extended until the end of 30th April.
  14. TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Caernage transfers to Forum Moderator