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  1. hay i hhave a question.
    how do i become a ingame mod


    1. Fretraq
    2. Dziada


      If you have any questions, remember you can open a topic in the Help Section or use the support system.


      Please do not post on staff or ex-staff members profiles.

  2. Thanks Chris for the opportunities you have helped and opened up to me here at :tmp:
    I would like to wish you all the best in the future, I am certain that without you and Nataliia that I would not be where I am today..

    Thanks for the long time which you have served at TruckersMP, you were here when I first installed ets2mp back in the days

    Good luck in the future & I'll always remember you :wub: 

  3. Good luck and thank you for everything.

  4. Very sad to see you leaving this team. Thanks for everything you've done so far - you are a legend! <3

  5. I wish you luck in the future, I thank you for all you have done for me/community, It's very sad to see you leave, and hopefully you will return soon.



  6. why... :(( I am really sad about your departure from the team...

    1. stilldre1976


      yeah agree great guy indeed good luck buddy in whatever you do next :)

  7. Thanks for all your good work in these couple of years. it has been a wonderful cooperation with you.

    Keep strong and enjoy your free time now, You earn it.

  8. I'm genuinely sad to see the day of your departure from the team, you will never be forgotten here.


    I'm also happy for you, though. The impact a single person can have on the trucking community as a whole is outstanding. Your involvement in TruckersMP, TruckersFM, the positive changes that have come because of you, will always be appreciated. I'm glad to have met you. Good luck with everything, Chris. <3

  9. We will miss you.. 



  10. İ'll mis youu Mateee please turn back again. 

  11. Thank you for everything m8! :wub:

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