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  1. We are back after stream crashout :facepalm:

  2. bonjour je me suis fait bannir par vous mais voila se qui c'est passer :il avais un camion en dehors du no collision area et une voiture qui était en collision area et quand j'ai voulue sortir la voiture était dans ma remorque et cela fait que j'ai vole a cause de la voiture qui était dans mon arrière de remorque et a cause de la voiture un autre camion a vole aussi car comme la voiture ma pousse cela la fait vole. je vous pris de revoir le ban merci bonne journée


    1. dylou-FR


      par julien 78 voir avec lui car la sa fait 2 banne de lui 

      merci de ta part pour moi j appelle pas admin car il me bann tjr meme quan je fai rien 

    2. VagAssLau


      Hej ! :)


      Tu n'es pas au bon endroit pour faire appel de ton ban, rends-toi sur le lien ci-dessous pour faire un "ban appeal" sur le ban en question si tu penses qu'il n'est pas juste ;)



      Lorsque le "ban appeal" sera créé, tu devras attendre que l'admin le voit avant qu'une décision ne soit prise.

    3. Aestrial


      Bonjour Dylou-FR,


      Le forum n'est pas l'endroit pour discuter de ses bannissements, une section spéciale sur le site à été dédiée pour ça:

      Si tu as besoin d'aide pour connaitre comment faire une demande, tu peux consulter ce sujet:



  3. Community Success Stories Part 1 - LTBD VTC

    Thanks for the good feedback so far, there seems to be a want for more stories. Don't forget that if you want the chance for your story to be featured, you need to PM me here on the forum with your story and any relevant images. Thanks.
  4. Admins?

    Hi there, You can use the report system which can be found at the following link in order to report those players who break out in-game rules: As you may or may not be aware, a few days ago we released a new website version which brought some changes to how we deal with reports. You can find more information about it here: As the new system is now in place, over the next few weeks players should start noticing a difference in the amount of time that it takes for us to deal with reports. Just a few days ago we had almost 8000 reports waiting, however now we have around 5000 waiting. Hopefully, if things go to plan there will be a massive improvement in the wait time, however we ask that players are patient while we deal with the backlog we've had. Hopefully in the coming weeks that wait time will be improved. Thanks
  5. Community Success Stories Part 1 - LTBD VTC

    Dear Players! Welcome to the first edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories. Keep on reading to find out how to get your story featured in the future! This week's story is about a group of people who met through TruckersMP. Members of "Legend Truckers Bangladesh VTC" (LTBD VTC) got together to celebrate their first year in operation, on August 5th. Their mission being to establish one of the biggest VTCs in Asia. Starting with around 7 players, LTBD VTC has now grown to have around 80 players regularly delivering across Europe. All 80 players are close and Mohammed, who contacted TruckersMP via our International Facebook group spoke out saying that LTBD is not only a VTC but also a family. On the 3rd of August LTBD did a meet up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of the meetup was to celebrate 1 year of being open as a VTC. With a cake cutting ceremony and a banner signing by members of the VTC as well as a meal and a group photo, they had a great time to get to know their family personally and have a great time. With a large amount of fleet drivers, coordinators, convoy controllers and management you are never far away from having someone to chat to and someone to spend some quality time with. LTBD VTC is expanding "day by day" and would love to look for more drivers to recruit! LTBD always look forward to seeing new faces and wish to grow their family even further. You can apply to join on their website however, each person who applies goes through a selection process and then are required to do some tests to ensure quality for the best service! Holding regular convoys, LTBD sounds like a great VTC to join! Legend Truckers Facebook page It's always been a great feeling when something like an online game or modification such as TruckersMP can get together such an amazing group of people who will likely stay in contact and be great friends for the rest of their lives, this is one of the reasons why we would love to share similar stories of yours! If you would like to have your TruckersMP related "success story" featured, please Private Message Chris on the forum explaining your full story, background and include any group photos. View post on homepage
  6. i cant sign inn to online why it says invalid password what am i gonna do?

    1. MattyonFire0304


      or username whan its correct what is happening staff plzz help me


    2. Chris - TFM
  7. Feedback system suggestion

    Hi there, This is my fault as I had gathered the question was answered and said sgt_tailor could close it. We will be looking further into a way of managing feedback tickets so that they won't stay open forever or that we aren't forced to close them to avoid them staying open forever. Thanks and I apologise for this. Please open a new feedback and link the old one so that we can look back at it and carry on the conversation. Thanks.
  8. 99.99% Savegame with all DLCs : MP READY

    Sorry for the delay, Guides have to be approved to make sure they are of good quality.
  9. Riding Ride:
    Hello I'm sorry I know I went here ruthlessly and I was still vulgar in the chat but I have to ride from the beginning of the game I have only lvl 8 and the debt at the bank had to erase the damaged profile because we modding damage the game and the whole save and profile last yesterday riding full day I was really tired here even though he did not have the ban, and he cared considerably when it is unpleasant to other players (120km / h) and I suffer more damage and harm than here I did not think there is evidence here that he had a lot to bother and there was tired evidence that I lie
    It was there Lag thought I was going to do it I'm gonna get the power off 4:50:00 Time

    Do you feel like I made it this day when I meet such a player and I do not have the time to report it I would not even have downloaded

    I would give BAN players for the year I do not take precedence and I'm still pissing ttps: //
    We are 41 years of spending 3 weeks holiday and just leave us 2 days off with PC 11.8.2017 I leave with my family on the mountains (Harrachov) for a holiday week.
    PLS Unban
    Nickname: DJspider [DB & JP CZECH TIR Logis]
    thank you very much

    1. Ashley


      Please do not complain about your ban on the forum. It is not the appropriate place to do so.

      Please use the appeals system provided, and please take in to account that it may take some time for the admin to review your appeal.


      For further information, please refer to the following topics:


      Additionally, you can complain about your ban by contacting upper staff if you have the feeling that the admin did not issue it properly. In order to do so, use the feedback system, which can be found here:



  10. eu quero ser admin no ets2MP como Faço para ser admin

  11. User Feedback & Contacting Upper Staff

    Updated to be relevant to the new feedback system.
  12. [EN] English (01.08.17)

    Updated the following: DISABLING USER ACCOUNTS - New feedback system Appealing warning points/bans - New feedback system