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  1. Suggestion Name: Save reports of Deleted Accounts. Suggestion Description: I have experienced players I have reported deleting their account before the report has been claimed, and therefore the report has been declined. If it was possible to save the report, so if the user re-activate his account, the reports created against the user will be queued in the report system. Any example images: Why should it be added? Because if a player know someone will report them, he/she can just delete their TMP Account before the reports get claimed, and the TMP Staff has not other choice than decline the report, and then the Deleted Account can reactivate their account later.
  2. Maintenance Complete!

    Happy New Year TruckersMP! Thanks to all who that keep the Multiplayer Servers online.
  3. Someone who know when the Winter Mod will come to TruckersMP servers?

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    2. derpatrick9


      It's not sure,that the winter mod will be in the next updates,please be patient.

    3. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      in TruckersMP FB "Truckers MP: Hi alexandru! We're currently waiting for french dlc to be supported by the wintermod we're going to use. We're waiting too!! :)Hopefully it is soon!"{"tn"%3A"R9"}

    4. Runar64


      Thanks truckers :)