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  1. twitch.tv/lezzoblack

    let's catch someone who can't drive!

  2. Released

    thanks, I finally don't have to look at miles away from the crossroads
  3. Winter is coming...

    Very nice, but be careful; southern Italy and Liguria (Genoa) rarely sees snow
  4. Live on Twitch with Italy DLC!:P


  5. Whats your most used truck [ Veterans Only ] Topic

    I love the New Scania S, it's done very well by SCS!
  6. Live!!


    Now I'm in Le Mans, going to Calais

  7. OMG 10000 PEOPLE :wacko:

  8. I have been reported yesterday, and now I'm banned. I've reported 23 players from 22th to 28th, and only 3 of them were seen. Why?

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    2. Federasco


      @spider.r0ot2 I did that because there was an accident, and my friend went to Duisburg, because he couldn't stop. He was about 6/7 players later, and I wanted to stay with him

    3. [???????] Fallen [BY]

      [???????] Fallen [BY]

      "I wanted to stay with him"...Bravo!

    4. spider.r0ot2


      Congratulations :)
      You made it!


  9. I have 18 reports awaiting review. The oldest is 96 hours ago. When will it take?

    1. Smoky_TMP


      It can take some time, there are a lot of reports at the moment. An admin will review it as soon as possible.



  10. Nice work in game last evening, admins. Keep it up!

  11. Released

    What? Speak english please
  12. How long does it take for an admin to look a report on website?

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Generally when an admin kicks or bans or player from the server because of some type of violation they will respond to the appeal within seventy-two hours. However admins have hundreds of reports and appeals and all they have to deal with. If this has been your first offense you should not really worry. Who is the admin who kicked you?

    3. HerrSwizz


      You cant appeal a kick....

    4. Federasco


      I'm not banned! I say about the report system on the website

  13. I can't play ETS2MP in D-C road. Crashes, Rammers, other..

    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      I got a solution for you buddy :) ETS = EURO truck simulator :) you have the UK and all other parts of the game to travel the game doesn't consist of just C-D road cause its busy ppl who just go there for the hell of it I cant understand its a simulation if your not happy with that area simple solution is to avoid :) and you will enjoy your multiplayer experience again trust me I enjoy TMP a lot that's because only about 5% of my time is ever in that area ! I enjoy the game as a whole rather than an area ;) hope this helps buddy as I do understand how people go there but you will see other truckers at other parts trust me I experience it daily :) and more nicer drivers at that ;) 

      I misunderstood this dammit delete my message ! ppl should be more clear when posting :P 

    2. derpatrick9


      Just avoid it?