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  1. Please, can some admin go to the Santa Cruz - Santa Maria road? No admins, all players overtake and ramming, nobody claim a report.

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    2. Federasco


      Yes, I have a video of 1 hour and a half... But I should to make 15-20 reports, i can do max 13 reports.

    3. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Well, you must decide which ones are more worth it.

    4. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      Hello @Federasco
      Our team of Game Moderators are available to deal with in-game reports when they can.
      They will try to deal with your website reports as soon as they can, however there are a lot so you I am afraid that you will just need to be patient. 

      Best Regards
      ^ Matt #CarLadMatt
      TruckersMP Community Moderator

  2. We're still waiting an update on ATSMP

    1. DJ_Sukoi


      Dont get your hopes up, ive already been hissed at for speaking fact about the issue. 
      Some people cant help but ignore the truth. 

  3. I think that the ATS event it's a good start to revive the game:)

    1. Neighbor Jones

      Neighbor Jones

      Absolutely. Hopefully the MP servers will be much more active too

    2. BarryGB


      Well I think it'll only be busy for the duration of the event. 

      I don't think it will 'revive' the game :(

  4. twitch.tv/lezzoblack

    let's catch someone who can't drive!

  5. Released

    thanks, I finally don't have to look at miles away from the crossroads
  6. Winter is coming...

    Very nice, but be careful; southern Italy and Liguria (Genoa) rarely sees snow
  7. Live on Twitch with Italy DLC!:P


  8. Whats your most used truck [ Veterans Only ] Topic

    I love the New Scania S, it's done very well by SCS!
  9. Live!!


    Now I'm in Le Mans, going to Calais

  10. OMG 10000 PEOPLE :wacko:

  11. I have been reported yesterday, and now I'm banned. I've reported 23 players from 22th to 28th, and only 3 of them were seen. Why?

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    2. Federasco


      @spider.r0ot2 I did that because there was an accident, and my friend went to Duisburg, because he couldn't stop. He was about 6/7 players later, and I wanted to stay with him

    3. [???????] Fallen [BY]

      [???????] Fallen [BY]

      "I wanted to stay with him"...Bravo!

    4. spider.r0ot2


      Congratulations :)
      You made it!


  12. I have 18 reports awaiting review. The oldest is 96 hours ago. When will it take?

    1. Smoky_TMP


      It can take some time, there are a lot of reports at the moment. An admin will review it as soon as possible.



  13. Nice work in game last evening, admins. Keep it up!

  14. Released

    What? Speak english please