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  1. Of they were to do this. It would melt their servers. The power of the servers is just not capable of syncing As traffic between 1000 people. This has been suggested before a billion times, use the search function next time.
  2. I personally think nothing should have NCZ other than service stations because i like the realism of it, i loved waiting in a line of 15 trucks when ETS2MP came out just to drop a trailer, yeah wouldn't be that long in real life but it makes people show respect for others, and there is no flying truck issues. that being said, bit -1 for me
  3. It would break realism, yes, but doesnt mean it wouldnt be something cool to have, just like how GTA V based off of LA has snow on their multiplayer and you can get it into sp with a trainer.
  4. ETS2MP will launch the 64 bit version of it, try verifying your games integrity in steam.
  5. Are you using a steampunk paint job, those are currently unsupported and will cause an issue connencting, the controller should not effect you connecting at all.
  6. Please remember forum rules say you are not allowed to post topics with the title saying help. make sure your ETS2 is up to date, and if that does not work, try to use the last update in the beta tab in steam
  7. Creating support for 4 versions of the game, ETS2 62 and 32 bit and ATS 64 bit and unsupported 32 bit would take a lot of time, and ATS only has a supported 64 bit version as they are doing away with 32 bit since they need to take advantage of the extra ram in 63 bit processes. Unfortunately supporting all the versions would just cause for more bugs and issues not to mention, take longer to release. At this time it would be a wise idea to buy a new system or upgrade the current version of your OS, remember, TruckersMP are not paid to make what they are doing so please be patient and remember this is an ALPHA not a beta or official release.
  8. Have you tried completely uninstalling both the game and ATSMP then re-installing clean versions of both? Try doing it first with ATSMP and if that doesn't fix it, then uninstall ATS but backup your profile in the my documents>ATS folder, and then re-install the game. If you have ETS2, does it launch fine?
  9. The multiplayer mods are enabled in the multiplayer menu and not the in game mod menu. Make sure you go into the settings gear, then the mods tab, and check it from there and restart your game.
  10. Make sure your indicator is on AND you turn your wheel to the right shortly after entering the intersection.
  11. Also, today they released the demo for ATS so there was probably a small update so the game knows it is the full version or the demo version, the Steampunk DLC has been added to peoples inventories slowly, i got mine the other day.
  12. I live in Ohio and there is currently snow falling. I think it is still winter...
  13. ^try making a copy of the file to your desktop, edit and save it there and then copy it back into your ETS2 directory.
  14. Are you saving the file before closing by hitting ctrl+s or going into file>save? make sure you are saving the file before you close it, if not then they will automatically go back, also make sure you are not changing the name of the file when you do save.
  15. Is there any way to access the old forums?

    1. Sgt Salt

      Sgt Salt

      nope they are long gone

    2. Creatured


      no they got shutdown a long time ago

    3. Crazyforiphone


      ahh, i remember we used to be able to access them, i needed a post from there because i dont have twitch video anymore.

  16. You could probably run a virtual machine on Mac with Windows 10 and do it that way. I do not own a Mac, but it would probably work.
  17. ^ seeing empty trailers may be because you do not have the dlc as you do not have the dlc files so multi-player substitutes it with a trailer and nothing on it.
  18. You need to enable force feedback and mess with the centering force to your liking. Checking auto center will not do anything as in the settings it says that option is for keyboard steering
  19. I wonder if it could have been caused during to the implementation of https
  20. ^ From what I understand he just wants it to be him and his friend which is where soemthing like http://myvtc.netcould come into play
  21. ^that's only of you want a company thread on the forums. ETS2MP is not in charge of all vtcs and they do not regulate them. Just make a quick weekly website or something and you can call yourself a vtc. There are many ways to record the data too
  22. I know. I was saying if he wants American trucks to wait till ATS is released. Otherwise there will be no American trucks in multi-player.
  23. Not everyone wants American trucks in Europe. Wait till ATS on February 3rd and your trucks will be in a game and multi-player will support it.
  24. Just because something is called a DC does not mean it is paid. See GTAV
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