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  1. Why does it take so long time to get the trailer-DLC supported? 

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    2. TFM_Omega


      @Aragon0450 SCS are nothing to with TruckersMP. They're free to code it however they like. With new hit boxes with them and more detailed textures the code will be different. Just give MP devs time and wait. If you want it so badly go learn to code and help them. 

    3. Tandre


      @TrademarkGamer, @Spirit_Wolf


      I havn't even got that DLC, so it's not bothering me! I was just curious, but I'm sorry if you got offended, I truly am.

    4. TFM_Omega


      Not having a go at you Owl. Sorry if it seemed like that. Just had a go at Aragon for blaming SCS for the delay.

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