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  1. I assume you are talking about the job page of the company. You have to make a quicksave before you create the job. Then you load the most recent quicksave in the game which is the quicksave you have saved before. Note that the job is already started so the job does not appear in the company's job list. Just go to the marker(on the map) and find the spot where you load. Also make sure you've got the correct trailer hauled if you set an "ownable trailer" cargo or no trailer if you just created the job with company trailer.
  2. I like that idea, Gmod also did that and it is a core part of the game. It should also be implemented in TMP.
  3. If they didn't put lots of their free time into this project, we couldn't even play this multiplayer!
  4. Wie wäre es mit einer Position als Koch??? Ein Koch wäre nicht schlecht für die Firmenzentrale Übrigens ist ein Fehler in der Beschreibung. "Du musst 12 Jahre alt sein." Bitte ändern auf "mindestens 12 Jahre alt"
  5. It doesnt work. I installed it but the Wrong Version window comes!
  6. arent 700 mb a little bit much for that or am i the only person who thinks that?
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