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  1. This is what the Genoa Bridge Depot looks like when it's not rammed full of trucks.


  2. The only way to make fatigue simulation workable in MP is to disable the black out sequence. I've no doubt the TMP devs could find the jump to the code involved and replace it with NOP. Yes I played on the servers when we did have fatigue simulation on, no massive accidents, but then this was before we had C-D road.
  3. What we're actually getting in 1.38... that we know of so far. Three new Special Transport Routes, for the Road to the Black Sea map. That's it, I think the hype train must have derailed. Can we assume everything else is fixes to the sound engine and maps ?
  4. I'll be attempting to make 'Operation Genoa Bridge' into a stand alone mod. It won't be exactly the same, as no connection to WoT ( External Contracts or rewards), but I'll make a list of what trailers should go in/out of the two sites. Figured someone would want to play it after the fact.
  5. From the steam store page "The tuning pack isn't the only way to get your hands on new accessories for the Volvo FH however. We are also releasing an update which will include various items and tuning parts as a free update for owners of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Some of the new parts included are a front bumper, slots for small lights, engine badges, a door handle, front grille, removable deflectors, and more! You can see some of these in the picture below." This is why we need 1.37 to make use of the Volvo tuning pack, SCS have also made changes to the base game truck as well.
  6. For 1.38 B-double ADR/food tanker + ownable. Shift Cargo mount point on lowloader to match other cargos, so it's possible to carry say the two diggers on a flatbed. For 1.39 MIxed cargos, for ownable trailers, pick up one load per trailer/container slot. Multidrop cargo, collect once, unload 2+ times (or multiple loading locations, one drop off).
  7. Couldn't you have the player upload info.sii as well ? Would do away with the need to have all those map/cargo DLC tickboxes as that file contains all that info.
  8. ETS2 1.37 feels like SCS had more planned but couldn't get it working. Aside from the Sounds/FMOD, the only thing added was buyable Food Cistern trailer, but the only liquid you can fill with it is Milk.
  9. Seen enough of these "Idiots on the Road" videos to know the idiot is also the one filming. It's just the following bad driving: 1. Drive too fast for conditions. 2. Don't slow down no matter what is happening ahead. 3. Tailgate the truck ahead. 4. Don't brake or slow down if there is a crash ahead. Bonus points for having your friend drive like an idiot just so you can get extra content. Sure you get really close up footage of the crashes, when the truck filming crashes thru the wreckage, but it's also unrealistic when you see crashes that woul
  10. 8x4 most of the time, as I own a few B-triple trailers and I'm too lazy to swap trucks all the time. I do have a 4x2 for when I know I'll only be doing light weight on single trailers.
  11. The TMP mod team already closed C-D road as an April Fools day joke earlier this year. Doing the same for other roads as events is do able, however I expect it took some time to edit the entire road off the map.
  12. Both Convoys take place in the same exact time, on different days. Due to timezones, this means it's 2:30am to 4:30am local time for me. I've no interest in the Freeroam server, either. So basically you've structured your events to not even consider timezones, hence people in countries like Australia and Japan are going to find it difficult or impossible to attend. Perhaps next year you can make an effort to make everyone welcome, not just EU+US.
  13. Most of the map DLCs are $26 in Australia, due to the bad exchange rates. Used to be 1:1 with the Euro, it just doesn't make sense for me to pay 44% more because of things I have no control over.
  14. Voted no, there are some traffic lights in the game it just doesn't make sense to stop at. 1. T junction where one of the connections is blocked off in the map. (hence a straight or corner) 2. Crossroad where one of the roads is blocked on both sides (hence a straight) 3. Road construction where one lane is closed. 100m of one way and you can clearly see no one else is coming. Probably 50% of the traffic lights are like this, without the AI traffic, there is no reason to wait at red lights. Maybe the devs could make a list of traffic lights that are dangerous to
  15. Even if we just choose say the top 5 cars people wanted (that are unique enough to justify). Say the Aldi, Volvo XC70, one of the Renault, one of the VW, and of course the Volkswagen Transporter van (event staff get the ST version, everyone else gets the plain one). No rush, they could do one every 2-3 months.
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