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  1. AFAIK it's not very stable. If anyone wants a temporary stable TS3 to use, s1.rymax99.com - heavily under utilized as I just use it for convoys for C&M(convoy group). Server has a license so there's plenty of slots to go around.
  2. IMO names should be limited to characters that are actually supported. If people put characters not supported by the character encoding the game uses, it shows up as question marks. While you can report them in-game, it's impossible to find their Steam to report them on the forum.
  3. Ryan

    Ets2map Megathread

    Realistically, player locations are already tracked by the game-servers, thus how you see other players, so it'd just be a matter of sending the data that is already tracked to Kat's API for the site. It would be neat if it were included in an update, with perhaps an option for your ID to remain anonymous within the map.
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