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  1. Mauricelyw


    To honour the men and women who have sacrificed their precious lives to protect their loved ones during the conflict, LKW Logistics transportation will be there, to participate in this honourable drive. Mauricelyw CEO & CMO of LKW Logistics Transporation
  2. https://gyazo.com/1b6f0041ae24cdea6b2232991481f9c0
  3. Absolutely phenomenal event! Enjoyed it very much, I am sure others will agree with me on this one. Cheers!
  4. - Your Truck: Volvo FH16 750 2015 - Horsepower: 750HP - Ingame Name: [LKW Tr.] Mauricelyw - Company: LKW Logistics Transportation - Steam Playing Hours: 665
  5. Really looking forward to this convoy!! Gonna be awesome!
  6. Maddness - MUSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek0SgwWmF9w
  7. It always happens to me, whenever a player comes near to me, the game has to load that person's details, Truck Model, paintjob, rims, configuration. This demands alot of resources from my CPU, RAM and probably my HDD as it is always loading something when a player comes within the rendering distance.
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