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  1. I agree, but anyway, atleast for The Netherlands, that would be fine, because in The Netherlands we drive LZV, that are double trailers + dolly included, in vanilla game, there is only a normal trailer + tandem trailer, without dolly included, so it would be a nice idea
  2. Hello Truckers,


    How are you doing ?

    1. Dominik [SK]

      Dominik [SK]


      Fine,thanks :)  and you ?


      --> iFlufy <--

    2. DeGelderseTrucker


      Oh sorry I forgot to reply, well now I am doing good :D Nice to hear you are fine ;)

  3. So just have to type in there my pc IP do you think? I can test if that works, otherwise I will check forum @Creatured @PikaiModx I need to fill something in by ETS2 Local Host, but I don't know what I have to type in there
  4. Hello, Anyone knows about CargoWorld? Well, I have a question about it. What do I have to type in by ETS2 Host IP? And what do they auctally mean with that? Please reply as fast as possible because I think it could be a handy program for ETS2. I try to reply to as fast as possible because I need to know it fast, you know peeps ;))) Greetz from DeGelderseTrucker
  5. Hello, I decided to make an ETS2 company on virtualtruckingmanager.com, only I don't know how to create on, I don't see anything on their site which says something with ''Create'', is it even possible to make a own company? Feel free to reply to me, it will help me getting out of this trouble Greetz DeGelderseTrucker 15 October 2017
  6. Okay, I have enough information, thanks everyone for replying.
  7. Hello, I have seen a new rule: '' §2.20 Doubles and triples - UPDATED You are not allowed to save edit the double or triple trailers, except for changing the paintjob only. On ETS2, doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC.'' And it says ''On ETS2, doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC''. Does this mean I only may do double trailer jobs in the Scandinavia DLC or if I have a double trailer job and its going outside Scandinavia, to (I just call one random city) Rotterdam, do I have to quit the job when I have one to Rotterdam?
  8. Hello, I was wondering about when my rank will change, because in anno 2015 I created my ''TruckersMP'' account, since that time I've played MP very long, my rank is, Veteran Driver, and my status on topics are ''What is a truck?''. My question was/is: will that ever change or not? Thanks for all your reply's if you will post these. DeGelderseTrucker [EDIT] Sorry if this topic/thread is on a wrong topic center, but I thought I could place it here.
  9. Hello devs and creators of TruckersMP! How is your day? Mine day is okay! Anyway, I had a question, since the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC was out, you guys changed one axle from a Schwarzmuller Flatbed trailer to a steering axle, and thats the 3rd axle of all the 3. So my question was: why couldnt you change a axle from these crane trailers to a steering axle. Auctally these trailers got 2 steering axles. I hope you devs and creators read this and I also hope you guys accept it cause it looks very realistic and cool, maybe other people like it too. I let you show a photo of what trailer I mean. I mean this crane trailers:
  10. Hi guys! How is your day today? Mine is good!

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    2. Yoyo_ManSg


      Hello, thanks, currently I passing a very good day and I hope you too comrade. ;) 

    3. DeGelderseTrucker


      Im doing good guys :)

  11. I love it that there are cars now only now I cant start MP anymore, somebody can help me out so I can play with cars?
  12. Hi guys or creators of ETS2MP I have a question for you The question is.......where on the hole site can you find how to download the Winter Mod If you know how I need to download the Winter mod anywhere on the site then reply this question.
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