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  1. EU#2 is borked.


    RIP EU#2.

    1. D y l a n n

      D y l a n n

      i thought my internet had gone off but my radio was still working xD

    2. D y l a n n

      D y l a n n

      Djsimone | ENG | G29: wat just happend
      Djsimone | ENG | G29: eu2 isnt working
      Aragon: there were some problems with desync again where trucks were failing to load in time and then accidents were happening
      Aragon: mwl4 is doing some testing

    3. bluesbass


      EU1 and EU3 were offline 2-3 hours ago. These informations support, what Aragon said.

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  2. Hey, guess what? Crashes Compilation 30 is finished and ready to render. I'll leave my PC working on it overnight and I should upload it on Sunday.


    Why so soon when the last video took over a month to be made since the previous CC upload? Because I wanted and because I can.

    1. SgtBreadStick


      Is it done yet? :troll: Anyway i bet it's gonna include me again isn't it? XD

    2. Anriandor


      Oh man, you're so fast I cannot even keep pace with you.

      But again something to 3021307-inline-fb-likebutton-printpackag:D

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      It actually is! I left my computer rendering it overnight while I was asleep and it's done, now. I am debating with myself whether I should upload it now or later, though. Either way it should be available later today. :)



      You think I am fast? lol Most times I leave gaps of a month or more between each Crashes Compilation video. XD

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  3. When the GPS tells me I have to go through "that" road (you know the one)...


  4. I slept for only three hours last night and attended today's convoy event as admin for almost all of its entirety. How am I STILL awake!?


    Anyway... have some more pictures from the event from my POV. It's not like I could get around much. lol It was fun to help. :)







    1. Merengue4ever


      nice shots :D i feel sad that i missed the convoy :( i had no idea there was an event today 

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Obrigado, @DJFrontier. ^-^


      Thanks! What a shame, @Merengue4ever. :c It's been announced days ago. It was a fun event. Too bad you missed it. :(


      You should invest on some case coolers, at least, @David Edson. My room is also often hot so I have a fan for me and two for my computer case. One for intake of fresh air and one to serve as an exhaust for hot air from inside, so it creates a continuous flow of air inside that helps keeping the temperature under control. Still not as good as I want, though. I want/need to improve my cooling, somehow, but at least what I've got so far is working.

    3. Mike Dragon
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  5. Me on Sundays:


    1. Smalley


      Can't wait for the open access to be released :) 

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      I'm participating on the LAR. You'll love what you'll find. ;) 

    3. Smalley


      I might go for a Voice Actors role. 

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  6. It's finally here!  Featuring clips submitted by @sheppardpat47, @Smalley, @Spieker and @DavidOC93 | Killua, TSMP Crashes Compilation 26 is finally out! :D


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thanks guys! :D

    2. sheppardpat47


      Thanks mate, sorry for the little edit :/ 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      It's alright. Just remember to send it un-edited next time! :)

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  7. GG, @Sgt_Tailor:troll: 


    1. JeffSFC


      It was allowed for about 2 seconds. I was there, okay.






    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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  8. I like the proposal for the new report system to work with a scoring system. It was about time the useless reports get purged out, somehow. Definitely not gonna be a problem for me since I already do only report what is actually significant (so much so that all my reports are accepted, except for the ones in which the player was already banned when my report was reviewed).


    To anyone who is displeased with this idea, well... just learn to report properly! This change should only benefit all of us. Less crap to handle in the system means that the good reports will be handled sooner. After all, none of us like to wait one to two weeks (in some cases even longer) to have our report processed, do we? And do you know why it takes so long? Because there are too many reports that should not have been filed in the system serving no purpose whatsoever but to take up time from our administrators. Seriously, there are people who after a single play session will file literally dozens of reports. There is no way in this beautiful world of God that all of them are worth an admin's time. There are people who will report even a sneeze if someone's talking in the CB and just happens to sneeze. They go like, "OMFG CB ABUSE!! SPAMSPAM REC REPORT BANNED!!!1!". And you guys know it is true! Myself, I play very often but hardly ever end filing even five reports a month.


    I'm looking forward to this next update! :D

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Doesn't make much sense, though, @chipmunk197. Video evidence has always been a major thing. To know what should only get a kick or a ban, no more than read and understand the rules is necessary.

    2. marco6158
    3. Rev.


      In my opinion IGAs just gotta' be less lenient with their punishments. There really isn't enough of a system for punishments because it's down to discretion. There should be certain traits like if the action that caused the report was clearly intentional etc.

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  9. Truck Simulators Multiplayer Crashes Compilation 33 is out! Come and watch it while it's warm! :D


    Thank you to @JeKnYan and @Killua // Ireland ^_^ for submitting their clips to this episode!

  10. Got red? I got red. My red is redder (???) than your red.




    It's floofin' Friday! dragonmusicplz.gif?1


    I should go to bed. I'm drunk, again. Sleep drunk.

    1. ¦EUROTRANS¦ gFábio [BR]


      1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 beer. Lol  :<)

      Nice red btw.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I got a redder red ETS2 Volvo thats redder then your red ATS truck :troll:

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  11. So, about that Renault I forgot I had...


    Time to take the old honhonhon out, give it a little upgrade and set off on a trip from Roscoff to Dortmund or somewhere near it. c:



    Before the upgrade.



    After the upgrade.



    Not that big of a difference visually, but there are improvements. XD


    Engine's still the same. The top this truck can have but I changed the gearbox to a 6-speed with retarder. Changed the tires, rims, gave it hub caps and chrome nuts, changed a couple lights on the lower bar on both sides, added a couple of flags, changed a few interior decorations and added the LED dragon panel and also changed the paintjob. Would rather stick with the old paintjob but almost no one owns the DLC that paintjob's from so almost no one would see it. :\ The new paintjob is something many more people have and I like it, so I am going with it, instead.


    And off I go! :D

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The Halloween paintjobs DLC.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I got the Halloween paintjobs DLC :P

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      So you would see it! Good! :P

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  12. I just found this and I thought about sharing some thoughts. I actually commented about this sort of thing a while back but it's always good to reinforce the idea.


    People are so dumb. These brave folks are not racing or simply "having fun" in the traffic with their big flashy trucks. They are trying to help people, maybe even safe one's life. You see an emergency vehicle coming your way with the sirens and lights on then simply MOVE OUT OF THEIR WAY! These are called "emergency vehicles" for a reason. You do not get the right to complain or be mad at these men and women. They are not getting in your way; it is you who is getting in their way! You getting in their way could be the decisive factor between someone living or dying. Literally. Who knows what sort of emergency they are attempting to respond to? One should be happy to let emergency vehicles through. You are potentially helping save someone's life! And who knows... maybe one day it is you who will need a fire truck, an ambulance or a police car to get to you as quickly as possible for whatever reason! I don't know, maybe you will be trapped in a burning building, had an an accident and is bleeding badly or is hostage to some criminal? What if some moron keeps them from reaching you in time? I honestly feel happy when I give way to an ambulance or fire truck. It happened at least twice that I was in traffic, at a red light, and an ambulance came up behind mine and other cars. We all put on our hazard lights and carefully (but quickly) drove away to the sides as we could to make room. Did it make a little mess of the traffic? Yes, absolutely. But it was for a good cause. And I liked it.

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      Should have rammed, shoved away that little pea with wheels.

    2. Spieker


      unfortunately the driver of the truck would be at fault and he could get sued if he rammed that guy...

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Unfortunately, indeed. Morons... If that had happened in the US, that wouldn't be the case. Apparently they are allowed to do that over there. And from what I've read, that's pretty much why they have those huge bumpers. 

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  13. FUN FACT: Add me on Discord or Steam will not get me to unban you.


    1. NoTime4name


      But you've said nothing about the forums... so deal. :troll:

    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      everyone hide your wallets gaben coming  hahah  jks :troll::lol:

    3. DerAmpelmann


      It works with me, though (not) :troll:

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  14. The title says it.


    1. TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM


      You are given a good overtaking. I think so you are good truckers

    2. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      Wait, so you're not meant to approach at 93 MPH, honk your air horn as you cross into opposite lanes while somebody is coming, cut the first person off causing a massive wreck spanning all lanes then f7 like nothing happened?

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  15. Hmmm. :\


    1. LordBenji


      @Mr_Pingu Event from WoT called Trade connection - France https://worldoftrucks.com/en/


      @antrax 737 Yeah I noticed that. Can be sold in Steam Market, I imagine he could also buy the one he wants in there.

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I can sell my extra and/or buy the one I want, the thing is that I don't want to spend money on something like this (regardless of the amount) so I am actually looking forward to trading with someone. Gonna leave the sale option as a plan B.

    3. antrax737


      Well i'd trade if i could, i got England but i got Belgium to so it wouldnt make sense cuz i would have 2x B then

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  16. On a more uplifting tone and in a completely unrelated subject, the Nitro crate in Rocket League is so difficult to obtain! It's been months since I got one and today I finally got another. This crate contains the Draco wheels set, which I REALLY want! So I opened it! And sadly, I got another Mantis. -__-



    I already have one of these, now I have two. Is there anyone here who would like to trade a Draco wheel (not painted) for this Mantis? :c


    The Draco is awesome!


  17. Oh yeah. It looks much better, now. :)





    Not gonna bother with changing how Explorer looks, though. It can be done and I know the means to do it. Just don't want to bother with it.

    1. Baymax.


      ^ What's these apps on the right? They look cool

    2. DerAmpelmann


      The application is Rainmeter. You can find all kinds of stuff to add to your desktop with it. Takes a little bit of time to learn how to use it well and it takes up bit RAM, but I would say it's worth it.

      Install it and go to their DeviantArt gallery to find skins.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      i'll just keep my windows 8 :P really don't want 10 :rolleyes::unsure:

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  18. I just finished a delivery to a town in France (DLC region) and I gotta say... if it wasn't for the fact that people speak French, the signs are all in French and it's full of French cars, I'd live there. It's so pretty!

    1. Yoyo_ManSg



      Français : Les péages et les carrefours giratoires en France sont très présents, c'est vrai. Et nous avons des paysages variés magnifique, je suis d'accord.

      English : Tolls and roundabouts in France are very present, it is true. And we have a lot of different beautiful scenery, I agree with you. ;) 

    2. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      I'm lucky to live near France and also speaking French xd

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  19. Looking forward to those doubles, triples and menu background! :D Gonna try out the beta for ATS later when I get the time.

  20. I never get tired of watching this. One of the best versions I've ever found. XD


    1. _Pingu_


      i am mentally scared for life 

    2. Mike Dragon
    3. NoTime4name


      1998: Nintendo sixty-FOOOOOOUR

      2017: Playstation FOOOOOOUR

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  21. Holy bananas! I often forget about my birthday because of reasons and today I spent all day out working. I just got back home and found this upon opening the forums for the first time today.



    Thank you so much @Mirrland, @Killua (DavidOC93), @DasBergziege, @InvasiveSpark #Wish64, @SXH // SgtBreadStick #Wish64, @Yoyo_ManSg, @HerrSwizz, @Anriandor, @Natedoggg457, @Smalley Truckers.FM, @Mirko9, @Ali / 20], @HamitCanKilic / 24], @Eddie Designs, @[K-REISS] Sandro and @MrHarv #Wish64 for all the good wishes! I just won't give each and everyone of you a Like because I'd run out but know that you guys rock! <3

  22. I just got back from the theater. Watched the new Star Wars with my dad and brother. Really good movie! :D




















    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      I still haven't seen any of the new star wars movies :(

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I haven't seen any star wars movie ever :ph34r:

    3. Mike Dragon
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  23. Whoowee! It was a pretty long trip from Oslo to Phoenix!



    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Honestly, I would have paid more attention to the license plate than the scenery. :P

    2. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      wait, California isn't in Europe?

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I'll let you figure that one out by yourself. :troll:

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