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  1. That seems about right, dude. You'll only get better pays as you level up. The 20's still doesn't pay the greatest but you gotta keep on trucking! Took me about a year of driving everywhere to reach level 61 and pays as high as £ 145.822 (the max pay on my Freight Market at the moment I type this comment).
  2. Yeah. That thick fog is very scary to drive through. Can't see a thing two meters in front of my truck! I hope the weather gets in sync, soon.
  3. If you want to save money and yet buy a good truck, I recommend the Volvo FH 16 Classic. You can get one with 560 HP (I think it is 560. I don't remember exactly. It's something around that) for around 98/99K. You can then upgrade it up to 750 HP later on. No other truck in the game but the Volvos can have that much power. Besides, the Volvos are compatible with all the accessories/upgrades currently available. They're the best trucks you can buy for the best price. No other truck brand offers you so much for so little. You can buy other trucks for 99K but they are much inferior to the FH 16 Classic, specs-wise.
  4. Recorded just a few minutes ago.
  5. Yeah, I saw it too. It was all fine last night, though. All the trucks everywhere are bouncing. It's scary! D:
  6. I'd say to treat them as blinking yellow, actually.
  7. Yeah... you'd think that three versions after the update for 1.15 and they'd have fixed that by now but noooope! No working traffic lights for us. This has got ridiculous, already. Last night I had an accident in a intersection because the light was green for me and another driver. I entered the crossing first and suddenly I got hit on the side and called names as if I had any guilt.
  8. And you find that slow? Mine's downloading it at 10 KB/s.
  9. Downloading now. Have the traffic lights been finally synced yet?
  10. lol Hahah. Yeah, true. This winter mod does kind of give that impression. Especially when it snows (or is that hail? I can't tell).
  11. Mike Dragon

    Ping Spiking

    Same deal on my end. Getting kicked due to high ping all the time thanks to these spikes. It's getting really annoying.
  12. Yes, I also noticed that. Normally the player's name and ID should only show over the trailer when the trailer is assigned but detached from the truck. Not when it is attached. Though I can't really tell if that's actually a bug or the developers meant to make this change on this update. Then again... if so... what a useless change. I mean, really... if the trailer is attached to the truck of player A, there's no need to have his/her name tag and ID above it as well as the player's truck itself. We know that trailer belongs to player A. Most likely a bug, yes. I don't know how that could have gone unnoticed through the tests before the release. Still... a harmless thing, nonetheless. Can't say the same about the traffic lights that are still out of sync. I was expecting that by now they would have fixed that, already. It's been two patches with that problem, already. Thankfully I haven't had any accidents because of that but I did almost have at least four or five collisions in intersections. Although I haven't had a crash myself, I've seen plenty of other players crashing into each other because the light is green for both players. Seems like a small thing, but the traffic lights are kind of a big deal, actually. More than it may look like.
  13. I'm pretty sure it will. Otherwise players using it on MP will cause everyone to crash like it happens all the time a new DLC is released but the mod isn't patched.
  14. Poor truck. XD Eyup... Rotterdam is a danger even in real life. lol
  15. I know, right? I was happy that these had stopped even before the old forums closed to switch to this new one. Until a few days ago, that is. At this point I wish they'd bring back that rule that forbids to nag on the limiter subject. I remember there was one on the old forums. Seem like it have been lifted.
  16. A mix of Majestic+MAN? Looks pretty neat! I'll call it... Majestic MAN. lol
  17. Very cool but not really a new idea. I've been doing it for a few months, now. And I've seen a few others around, too. Regardless, I think we could make this the official ETS2MP Crashes Compilation thread. Here's my series so far. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I'm currently working on editing of Part 5. Should be up in a few days (got lots of other stuff to do, as well so I can't focus exclusively on this).
  18. It's the new DLC, guys. You can have it just fine but please don't give the truck you are driving in MP any of the new paintjobs until they release a patch to support the DLC. The game crashes whenever someone who's using one of those gets near you.
  19. The game is crashing today because of the new Christmas Paintjob DLC. It is not supported by the mod yet so if someone puts one of the new paints on their truck in MP, everyone around them will crash. When you are playing on MP and your game crash it is because you approached someone who's got one of the new paintjobs on their truck.
  20. The game is crashing because someone nearby you is using one of the new paintjobs from the Christmas DLC. You can have the DLC just fine but if you put it on the truck you are currently driving on MP, everyone around will crash. And that's what is happening. Someone nearby you is using their DLC on their current truck.
  21. You can have the DLC installed just fine. Just don't put one of the new paintjobs on the truck you are driving on MP. You won't crash if you are the only one in an area using the new paintjob; but if someone else who is using it enters the area then the problem will happen and you both will crash (you because the other player with the DLC applied to their truck approached you and you because the other player because he approached you). Thoughboth crashing is not a certainty. I can't tell that for sure. Regardless, if you have any of the Christamas paintjobs on the truck you are driving in MP, everyone around you will crash and keep on crashing until you are either away from them or until you change your paint. What happens is that the data of the paintjob is not recognized by the mod so it doesn't know what to tell the client to render on that truck with the paintjob so it hangs (even if the client has the DLC). Once the mod is patched to support the new DLC it will "know" what the paintjob a truck is using is and will tell the client to render the said paintjob. And if the client doesn't have the DLC for that paintjob installed, the mod will tell it to render that boring green-looking stock paint. So the most immediate solution to this issue before a patch is released is to simply not use the Xmas DLC paintjobs on the truck you are currently driving on MP. If no one uses it then no one will crash and we all can play happily. But try making the world understand that. ¬_¬
  22. Indeed. I'm surprised they haven't officially mentioned anything yet! Normally they put up a thread on the same day the problem is detected and it's been over 24 hours, now.
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