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  1. This is not new. It has happened before. It's a server problem. When there are too many players online at the same time and the server's processor/memory usage reaches 100%, trucks start to bounce all over the place.
  2. Yup. É o que disseram. Quando o jogador A usa uma pintura de DLC seu cliente informa ao servidor que aquele caminhão está usando pintura X. O servidor então diz aos clientes dos outros jogadores para renderizarem a pintura X. Mas como nem todos eles tem a mesma DLC, o cliente de jogador B que não tem a DLC que A está usando informa ao servidor que não tem aquela pintura e "pergunta" o que fazer. O servidor então diz a este cliente para renderizar a pintura padrão de fábrica do caminhão de jogador A. É por isso que quando a SCS lança uma nova DLC de pinturas e alguém a usa no MP antes de ele ser atualizado para suportar a nova DLC, todos próximos daquela pessoa com a nova pintura tem problemas e seus jogos travam. O servidor não sabe o que dizer a seus clientes para renderizar e então "quebra". É como se ele dissesse: "Mas que porcaria é essa?! Quê que eu faço agora?! Não... Quer saber? F*ck it! *vira a mesa e vai embora* Se vira, colega!"
  3. Magnificent achievement! Congrats everyone!
  4. I saw this post and all I could think of is that Alex's face looked like this while writing:
  5. As far as I know, the only way is by exiting the game and booting it up again.
  6. One thing that should also help increase your cash a little faster is switch trucks with your drivers, if you have any. You don't need to drive their truck but simply switch. Go to the Garage Manager>Truck Manager and click on each truck of each driver you have hired and click on "Drive It". This will obviously give that truck for you to drive but before the game gives you the truck and put the driver in your current truck, the driver will first have to complete his/her job. Because time is skipped when you do this, the cash that drive makes from their trip is cashed into your account immediately. Switch trucks with your drivers and watch your savings go up! This is also effective if your economy has crashed from playing on MP. As you may know, sometimes jobs won't show up for you and/or your drivers won't earn money from their job when you come back to singleplayer. They simply never finish their trips. When any of that happens it means the economy has crashed. You can go on the game files and change a setting in one of the files to reset it but you can also switch trucks. Like I already explained, that will "force" the drivers to complete their jobs, it will get you the money and thus, it will automatically reset the economy. It works like a charm for me, at least. Never failed so far.
  7. Well then. The door is over there. Please close it on your way out and don't come back knocking on it later on because it is too cold outside. We'll manage to have fun without you. For the saddest it might be (it isn't), we'll manage to overcome this moment of crisis (#sarcasm). Enjoy the holidays. P.S: While one player leaves, another hundred join.
  8. Then don't complain! You know what you are getting into when you decide to go there. I myself only go there when the server is more quiet and has less players on (below 1000, usually). I hardly ever have troubles when I go there in these more quiet times but I do sometimes on busy hours. Though even so it's not always, because I drive very defensively. I don't complain because I know what I am subjecting myself to. You shouldn't either. Let alone give up on MP just because of that. It is no news that Rotterdam, Europoort and Amsterdam are chaotic places.
  9. I also had this glitch. But only in one city (I forgot which one). And in different occasions, too. My specs are below but I think this is a problem on the winter mod. Not our hardware. Intel Core i5 760 2.80 HGz 8 GB DDR3 RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB Corsair CX500 power supply Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I'm playing with high and ultra graphics. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=359306971
  10. That seems about right, dude. You'll only get better pays as you level up. The 20's still doesn't pay the greatest but you gotta keep on trucking! Took me about a year of driving everywhere to reach level 61 and pays as high as £ 145.822 (the max pay on my Freight Market at the moment I type this comment).
  11. Yeah. That thick fog is very scary to drive through. Can't see a thing two meters in front of my truck! I hope the weather gets in sync, soon.
  12. If you want to save money and yet buy a good truck, I recommend the Volvo FH 16 Classic. You can get one with 560 HP (I think it is 560. I don't remember exactly. It's something around that) for around 98/99K. You can then upgrade it up to 750 HP later on. No other truck in the game but the Volvos can have that much power. Besides, the Volvos are compatible with all the accessories/upgrades currently available. They're the best trucks you can buy for the best price. No other truck brand offers you so much for so little. You can buy other trucks for 99K but they are much inferior to the FH 16 Classic, specs-wise.
  13. Recorded just a few minutes ago.
  14. Yeah, I saw it too. It was all fine last night, though. All the trucks everywhere are bouncing. It's scary! D:
  15. I'd say to treat them as blinking yellow, actually.
  16. Yeah... you'd think that three versions after the update for 1.15 and they'd have fixed that by now but noooope! No working traffic lights for us. This has got ridiculous, already. Last night I had an accident in a intersection because the light was green for me and another driver. I entered the crossing first and suddenly I got hit on the side and called names as if I had any guilt.
  17. And you find that slow? Mine's downloading it at 10 KB/s.
  18. Downloading now. Have the traffic lights been finally synced yet?
  19. lol Hahah. Yeah, true. This winter mod does kind of give that impression. Especially when it snows (or is that hail? I can't tell).
  20. Mike Dragon

    Ping Spiking

    Same deal on my end. Getting kicked due to high ping all the time thanks to these spikes. It's getting really annoying.
  21. Yes, I also noticed that. Normally the player's name and ID should only show over the trailer when the trailer is assigned but detached from the truck. Not when it is attached. Though I can't really tell if that's actually a bug or the developers meant to make this change on this update. Then again... if so... what a useless change. I mean, really... if the trailer is attached to the truck of player A, there's no need to have his/her name tag and ID above it as well as the player's truck itself. We know that trailer belongs to player A. Most likely a bug, yes. I don't know how that could have gone unnoticed through the tests before the release. Still... a harmless thing, nonetheless. Can't say the same about the traffic lights that are still out of sync. I was expecting that by now they would have fixed that, already. It's been two patches with that problem, already. Thankfully I haven't had any accidents because of that but I did almost have at least four or five collisions in intersections. Although I haven't had a crash myself, I've seen plenty of other players crashing into each other because the light is green for both players. Seems like a small thing, but the traffic lights are kind of a big deal, actually. More than it may look like.
  22. I'm pretty sure it will. Otherwise players using it on MP will cause everyone to crash like it happens all the time a new DLC is released but the mod isn't patched.
  23. Poor truck. XD Eyup... Rotterdam is a danger even in real life. lol
  24. I know, right? I was happy that these had stopped even before the old forums closed to switch to this new one. Until a few days ago, that is. At this point I wish they'd bring back that rule that forbids to nag on the limiter subject. I remember there was one on the old forums. Seem like it have been lifted.
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