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  1. That's the first thing I looked at soon as I arrived in Scandinavia. The moment I entered the yard to make my delivery I checked if the "NO COLLISION AREA" text was on the screen. It wasn't. Immediately I started to warn nearby players to be careful because there was no NCZ.
  2. Well, that was absurdly quick! O__o
  3. I've had this trailer a few times before. It can be found for delivery in some companies. No mods needed.
  4. Thank God the limiter is 110 instead of that stupid 120. Though I still think 100 KM/h would be way more than enough. But I am fine with 110 KM/h, I guess. Better than the other options, at least.
  5. 31, é? Não se esqueça de uma coisa: Timezones. Já era quase dia 1º na Europa quando lançaram o patch.
  6. It's not about "real driving". It's about the rammers. Serious players can behave well, even if they speed. The issue is that rammers will -again- take the opportunity to wreck our trucks like they did in the past. In case you don't know, without the imposed limiter, anyone without a trailer can quickly catch up speed and slam into someone, causing great damage. With the speelimiter this problem was mostly eliminated. Here's an example: This was recorded before they added the limiter. Incidents like that were extremely common. That's why the added they limiter. You could barely put one single wheel outside of a NCZ without getting your truck hit by someone going at warp speed. If only they were accidents but no. These people did it on purpose with the intention of causing trouble. You like it or not, the speed limiter is a good thing and its removal now is nothing but a April Fools prank. I assure you it will be back on later this week. Maybe even on April 2nd, right away.
  7. Of course it is April Fools. Do you people really think that after all the trouble not having a limiter caused and all the trouble it happened with some people whining about there being a limiter (plus the devs stating several times that the limiter won't be removed) they would simply disable it? Get real, folks. Look at your calendars and see what's the date. Enjoy while it is disabled. In the meantime I'll stay away from the mod. I'm here since the beginning when there was no limiter. I don't want to relive the hell it was because of the rammers. This is a April Fools joke by the devs.
  8. 140 KM/h é a velocidade máxima para carros. Por lei os caminhões só podem ir até 90 KM/h. Além do mais, poder andar a 110 seria o mesmo que não ter limitador. E por falar nele, lhes trago novidades a respeito de sua recente desativação: 1º de Abril. Ainda bem pois não quero que ele seja removido jamais. Estou aqui desde o começo e sei bem o inferno que era sem ele.
  9. WHAT?! NO SPEED LIMITER?! WHAT THE F8CK?! WHY!? Oh wait... right. April fools. It better be.
  10. Quer saber qual chama mais atenção ou quer mesmo saber qual caminhão cada um mais gosta? A pergunta (título) e conteúdo do post são um tanto incoerentes nesse aspecto. Se for qual mais se gosta, esta aqui é a minha resposta: Se o que quer realmente saber é qual realmente chama mais atenção, eu diria que é uma Scania cheia de luzes, o maior e mais feio bullbar que existe no jogo e a mais horrorosa combinação de cores que você possa imaginar compondo aquela pintura de caveira que está disponivel para as Scanias. Isso tudo mais duplo eixo traseiro, várias air horns diferentes e dezenas de beacons. Se isso não chama mais atenção do que qualquer outro, então não sei o que chama. Já vi muitas rodando por aí. São o cúmulo da feiura e espalhafatice.
  11. Have you let Steam update your game to 1.16? If you did the mod won't work. They haven't updated the mod yet so if you updated the game, you'll have to downgrade back to 1.15.1.
  12. Aaaah well. I understood you wanted "easy" money. Sorry I misunderstood you. Faster way to earn legit money is by buying garages and hiring drivers. Every few in-game hours they'll make you money. The more drivers you have working for you, the more money they'll make. And faster, too. However as for now, the drivers only work on singleplayer. On MP you are on your own to earn money. I recommend hiring a bunch of them on SP and driving around for a while then sleep. Each time you sleep the drivers present some income. Short trips should be enough for you to be required to sleep. That should help you make the drivers make money while saving you time to spend on MP.
  13. No mods are allowed in Multiplayer (there actually is a rule for that) and most don't work, anyhow. So basically what you are doing is try to cheat money in? What a shame... though if you really want to do that I suggest you look up for guides on how to modify your save files. Money/Exp cheats are not forbidden but neither are they recommended in MP.
  14. 1.16 is not out. Only the beta for it is.
  15. I'm pretty sure that guy ^ wants to say something but I honestly cannot comprehend a single sentence properly. Spanish in English simply doesn't work.
  16. This is nice but you do realize that many people may have changed their control settings so most of the keys shown may not be the same for all, right? Like myself. I have my hazards on X and right/left indicators on Z and C (respectively) and lift axle on ´, for example. Most of my keys don't match the chart.
  17. Speak for yourself. *<--- can't play because of how often his game crashes*
  18. "Some crashes" is softening the matter. I literally can't play more than a minute or two without crashing. ):< And there's also that constant snowing, issue.
  19. Mike Dragon


    Yeah, me too. It's all still the same for me no matter where I am in the game. :\ Completely unplayable in my case. On my last try I couldn't even make it from the repair shop to the other side of the block to pick up a trailer.
  20. Snow in the summer? Eh. No biggie... here in Brazil it is not rare to have temperatures of 35º C or more in the winter. I can handle a little snow in the summer. =P I just wish the game wouldn't crash so much. It's happening so often for me that it has already rendered MP unplayable here on my end. At this point I'm better off waiting for a new patch.
  21. Not that I know of. At least they didn't mention it on the change log. I believe they would mention it if these were synced. They're kind of big deals, after all!
  22. Oh, cool. I'll try that next time I play. I just hope it will work for me. I say that because I've set my M2 to flash the high beam and M1 to honk the horn.
  23. Right... this is all very good but I have a few questions: - How are we supposed to click on a player's Steam profile from the Players Near You list? No matter what the mouse won't let go off the camera so you can't bring the cursor to the list to select a name and click on the Steam Profile button. - Why was the distance removed? That was actually a pretty good feature! - Couldn't you guys have kept the list window on the center of the screen like it was before? And perhaps give it some opacity like before, too. The way it is now completely blocks the mirrors on trucks with the steering on the left side like mine (and please don't tell me to use the F2 mirrors because I hate using that. I hate unnecessary stuff on my screen and since the trucks themselves have mirrors, those are mostly unnecessary when you drive in Cam 1 all the time like I do). Not that it is a big issue, but it can get in the way in some cases more than having it on the center of the screen.
  24. Não tenho lag com 180 na maioria dos jogos. Somente apartir de 200. Então sim. Pra mim 180 é um bom ping. Só me surpreende eu não ter lag em EU#1. Meu ping pe sempre acima de 230 mas mesmo assim eu não tenho lag notável. :s
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