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  1. If your login isn't working even after you wrote it down on Notepad, copied and pasted, then you wrote it wrong. To make sure you are getting it right, logout of the site then try to log back in. If your credentials fail to login in there then you are indeed making a mistake somewhere. Double check everything is right. If it works there, then use the exact same information on the launcher's login screen. Write it down as @oolala11 instructed you, paste on the site to see if it works and if it does, use it on the launcher.


    As a last resort, uninstall the launcher, go to %programdata% and delete the folder "TruckersMP" then go to C:\Program files and delete "TruckersMP Launcher", download the launcher again, install it as administrator then run it as administrator and try to login again with the same credentials you use on the site.

  2. The solution @EnLight already gave you should solve the problem flawlessly. There is no reason for the launcher setup to not accept the current working directory path if you followed his instructions. But just to make things a little clearer, I'll add screenshots of the steps despite the fact that this information has already been delivered to you.


    Go to your Steam Library then right-click American Truck Simulator and at the bottom of the menu that will appear, click on Properties.



    A new window will appear. On this wind, click on the Local Files tab and then on the Browse local files... button.



    A Windows Explorer window will appear. Click on the address bar at the top and it should automatically select the path. If not, then select it all yourself. Regardless, you must copy that address.



    Now that you have copied that address, paste it whole in the field of the setup where it asks for the ATS path and click Next to proceed with the installation.

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  3. Try reinstalling the launcher. Uninstall it, press Windows+R (Win+R) and type "%programdata%" (without the quotes) and hit Enter. A Windows Explorer window will open. Locate a folder named "TruckersMP" and delete it. Then, navigate to "C:\Program files" and locate a folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" and if it exists, also delete it. Once you are done with that, go to our site and download the latest version of the launcher again and run it as administrator. Proceed with the installation normally and once done, run the launcher (also as administrator) and try to install the updates if it offers you any.

  4. Try the following:


    - Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard

    - Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes)

    - Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder.

    - Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher"

    - Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/

    - Open The Launcher with admin privileges and click "Install Available Updates".


    Let us know if that works.

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  5. What... I don't get it. I thought you said in the original post that it works, now?



     I then tried to login to ETS2 and it logged me in as normal. I logged into the Europe server on ATS and it also worked just fine. Then, I logged into the United States Server on ETS2 and it also worked just fine.


    So what is happening then is that one particular server still "thinks" you are currently banned, is that so?


    I'm just confused as to why it won't let me login into the United States server (on ATS, of course).


    If so, I am not entirely sure why this is happening but it could have something to do with time zones, as suggested by this thread:


    For the moment, my recommendation is that you wait a full day. Try again on the 6th. If the problem persists, let us know so we can investigate it. Though I'm fairly certain it should work normally if given another few more hours of wait.

  6. Try the following:

    Uninstall the launcher then press the Windows+R keys (Win+R) and type "%programdata%" (no quotes) and hit Enter. A Windows Explorer window will open. In it, locate and delete a folder named "TruckersMP". Next, browse to C:\Program Files and search for a folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" and delete it if this folder exists. Download the latest version of the launcher from our site https://truckersmp.com/download and run the installer as administrator. Once you are done reinstalling the launcher, run it as administrator and see if the updates download normally.

    Additionally, make sure you do not have any other downloads/uploads in progress in your computer, ensure your connection to the internet is not unstable of suffering from slowdowns and if there are any other devices in your network that could be slowing down your connection, disconnect them temporarily.

  7. @Fancy_gamer, on the main menu, click on Options then Graphics.



    Under Graphics, locate Resolution and click on the arrow pointing down to open the drop down menu. This menu contains a list of all available/compatible resolutions. Select the lowest resolution available then click on Apply.


  8. Just to be sure we are on the same page, here... you are trying to activate your Truckers MP account on the site but for some reason it isn't working. Is that correct? If so, could you please describe the steps you are performing to activate the account?

  9. In addition to what @lxl Semper lxl suggested, I would also recommend to run a disk cleanup to get rid of any temp files, stored cache among other things that pile up on their own, overtime. Temporary files in particular, sometimes can take up dozens of gigabytes after a while. If I am not mistaken, Windows 10 should have an option for that right there in the storage management center (shown in the video). Otherwise you can do it by opening Computer, right-click on your C:\ drive then click on Properties, Disk Cleanup, check if the "Temporary Files" item is marked then click on Ok. Just wait until Windows is done and soon you should have some extra space available to use (this will NOT delete your personal files).




    Either way, Semper gave you the solution to this problem. Just free up space in your hard drive by deleting stuff you don't need anymore as he said and you'll be good to go. :)

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  10. Normally sleep, take a ferry, teleport or other action that makes time move forward should fix the economy. MP time shouldn't carry over to SP. Either way, that 100+ hours showing in the screenshot is just the time when the job offer will expire. Try this...


    Backup your profile. Make sure you don't have any deliveries in progress then save and go on multiplayer and teleport to another garage, sleep or take a ferry to make the time move so your client syncs up with the server. Once it's synced, save and head back to singleplayer, the times should be normal now. If not, sleep/teleport to make the time flow on SP. Now that should get it back to normality. Don't forget to save. I recommend you avoid going on MP if you pick a load on SP, btw.

  11. If he already sent a ticket then he'll just have to wait. I know it is bothersome to wait but we have a lot of tickets to answer to on a daily basis so please, be patient. :) Sometimes it may take a little bit due to the high load of tickets we receive but we'll get to his, soon, be sure of that.

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  12. ^

    Well, that can be an issue. The best thing you can do then is get on singleplayer and buy yourself a truck. Time flows differently on multiplayer than it does on singleplayer and that causes the jobs to bug out until you can get your client synchronized with the server. And unfortunately that can only be done if you sleep/teleport/take a ferry or train. Alternatively you can reset your economy via command, though. But I don't really think that's the most practical solution. But that's just my own opinion. Still, if you'd like to give that a try, just follow the instructions I will quote at the end of this post.


    Given this new information, the best I can recommend you to do is to go on singleplayer, get a loan soon as possible, buy two trucks, expand your garage once (or buy another one if you can) so it can host more than one truck then hire a driver and give him/her the second truck. Do one delivery on singleplayer and then you should be good to join MP. It is important to have your truck before you join MP.


    Now, here's what's gonna happen when you play MP after doing those steps I just suggested: Because the flow of time is different from singleplayer and it never stops, when you connect and synchronize your game with the server to refresh your economy, the server will "fast forward" your client's time. Since you have a hired driver it will be like he/she never stopped working, even when you were away from the game and had it closed down. As a result, all the money your driver would have made if you were playing singleplayer will be accounted and deposited in your profile. This will allow you to get more money faster, your loan will be paid in no time and now that you have your own truck you will be free to roam and perform all the actions I have recommended previously.





    How to reset game economy using the in game console:


    1. Go to My Documents\Eurotruck Simulator 2\profiles or My Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles and find your profile
    2. Open the config.cfg in the profile folder and open with Notepad/wordpad
    3. Look for uset g_developer "0"
    4. Look for uset g_console "0"
    5. Change the "0" to a "1"
    6. Save the file (NOT save as)
    7. Load your game and profile
    8. Press ` key
    9. Type in "uset g_force_economy_reset "1"
    10. Save your game and exit
    11. Reload the game and your recent saved profile
    12. Open the console by pressing the ` key and pressing the up arrow
    13. Repeat step 9 but change the "1" to a "0"
    14. Repeat Step 11, 12 & 13
    15. You should now get the "Game change detected" message
    16. Your economy should now be reset


    Please notice that all these fixes are temporary.


  13. An easy workaround this issue, which I particularly find easier than resetting the economy via Console, is by teleporting. Granted, you can sleep but that option is not always available. In these situations, the easiest way to get your economy synced with the server/refreshed is by "forcing" the time to pass. That can be achieved by sleeping but also by teleporting to different locations of the map. You can use Quick Travel to travel to one of your garages, take a ferry/train or simply teleport to a repair shop (the farthest you are from one the better). That way you get your economy synced without having to go through the hassle of entering commands on the Console or fiddling with the game's config file. In other words, sleep and teleport makes the time pass and thus, makes it sync up with the server and as a result, jobs will appear.


    As for the message you got when logging into your WoT account when starting the game, that would seem like the game could not connect to SCS's servers. That should be a problem on their side and only temporary.

  14. Ok, sejamos mais específicos; pois acho que não estamos falando o mesmo idioma, aqui...


    Do que exatamente você está falando?


    Destas luzes (lanternas traseiras):



    Ou destas luzes (os "faróis" que ficam atrás da cabine)




    Se estiver falando do que eu indiquei em amarelo na screenshot 1, você só vai conseguir colocar aquela peça em outro caminhão que não seja Scania através de mod. Se for o que está indicado em amarelo na screenshot 2, então o que eu disse no meu primeiro post se aplica. Estas luzes não estão programadas no jogo e portanto não podem ser usadas. Talvez você encontre algum mod para singleplayer por aí que adicione funcionalidade à elas, mas no jogo-base elas são apenas decoração.

  15. Ora bolas... mas é justamente desses dois faróizinhos atrás da cabine que eu estava falando no meu primeiro post!



    Refere-se as luzes que ficam atrás da cabine em alguns caminhões? Se realmente for o que estou pensando, elas não tem função no jogo até o momento e portanto não dá para ligá-las. No mundo real, a principal função destas luzes é iluminar a traseira do caminhão para que um trailer possa ser acoplado durante a noite. Elas iluminam a traseira do caminhão, o trailer e principalmente, a quinta-roda. Essa é uma necessidade inexistente em ETS2 e ATS e portanto, a SCS nunca programou essas luzes.


  16. Então você está falando das lanternas traseiras, como as que a Scania tem na screenshot? Se for, então é bem isso que o @FernandoCR [ESP] falou. Aquela é uma opção do Mighty Griffin DLC. Adicionalmente, informo-lhe que mesmo que você tenha a DLC, essa peça só pode ser instalada na Scania. Ela nem aparece para outros caminhões e portanto, não dá para colocar em nenhum dos Volvos.

  17. Refere-se as luzes que ficam atrás da cabine em alguns caminhões? Se realmente for o que estou pensando, elas não tem função no jogo até o momento e portanto não dá para ligá-las. No mundo real, a principal função destas luzes é iluminar a traseira do caminhão para que um trailer possa ser acoplado durante a noite. Elas iluminam a traseira do caminhão, o trailer e principalmente, a quinta-roda. Essa é uma necessidade inexistente em ETS2 e ATS e portanto, a SCS nunca programou essas luzes.

  18. 3 hours ago, Killua (DavidOC93) said:

    750hp Volvo FH16 is what I'll use :D 730hp Scania's are fast but seem to flip easily :( :unsure:


    So we have a start and end point and its up to us to get there anyway we want is it?




    You are correct on both things. The Scania flips very easily when turning at high speed so it is better to just use the Volvo Classic. We have a start and end point. The route we use to get there is up to us.

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